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flowers7018_BLOGCHI So goes the document.write(" instead of dealing with practical matters." href="http://wordsmith.org/words/lotus-eater.html" target="_blank">'Lotus-eater' absent of any wrath -- One more historical repeater -- Asleep at the Wheel -- Following some or another the 'Primrose Path' -- So many yet believing it's so much easier to steal -- Such is the death for the 'Lily-livered' -- Whatever could be the appeal -- 'Sub Rosa' somewhat inferior thus yet ultimately delivered  -BLOGCHI_magnoliaP1110124- 'Amaranthine' in some otherwise suspended animation of the Lone Star State -- 'Amaranthine' none the less never quite overly committed -- Otherwise for all intents and purposes it ain't that great -- 'Sub Rosa' lacking transparency never quite as a statement ever dignified -- So many so Bad -- Often to the bone, -- Stirred shaken and shivered -- Whoever is so totally alone -- Cocktails for two so such and such signified -- An unintentional perception of the 'Lily-livered' -- Simply do the Math -- Seldom wins the cheater  -- Sucking up on that 'Primrose Path' -- A Day in the Life of a 'Lotus-eater' -->>L.T.Rhyme


2381confucius_BLOGCHEESE ‘Rectitude’ for ever the why though the not yet forthcoming — ‘Forfend’ what is left – what is right – The swallow’s tale yet to begin — Question why and the super humongous however the Butt — The self-evolving  ‘Protoplast’ of the electable swarm humming — Bereft of the fight though nothing is lost — Yielding — Nor the theft of the otherwise ‘Amaranthine’Lucy in the Sky somewhat shielding — Vegan ‘Misophonia’ lacking genetically modified whatever the human cost — Some what Soupy Slacking — In the land of the Mess on the Potomia — The blue and the gray self consumed yet criss-crossed — Because of overtly shopping and feasting ‘Misophonia’2485_VANPOT_BLOGCHI– Any attempt at listening to the cosmic soup — Somewhat cognitive dissonance stopping — Yet all inclusive regardless of the poop. — Just in case though marketing to the ongoing for appearance sake the ‘Amaranthine’‘Protoplast’ of the younger still Anti climactic with a double scoop — The somewhat stormy Mondayed  Frankensteen — Climate changing — Much to some chagrin — It’s the stupid economy stupid — ‘Forfend’  all that is the product of  otherwise futuristic ineptitude — Love is more than an arrow from Cupid — Foregoing the mean not the lean —  Fortuitously Enough for the sake of any or another the poverty stricken with humanistic ‘Rectitude’ –>>L.T.Rhyme