elephant8 ‘Elephantine’ web sites trying to suck US in — Another misinterpreted  ‘Svengali’ on the rise. — Where does it end – Where does it begin — So much ‘Tenuity’ for such a high level production  — The networked conformity of any over or under the covers of illegitimate corporate spies. — ‘Go Duck Yourself’ in the swimming pool for lack of powers of seduction. — The straight face telling so many lies — When molding another misguided fool. — The elements of waist reduction. — Practical matters matter much in the stability of the further installation of fitment. — ‘Go Duck Yourself’ yet however nevertheless not quite so Strange. — Without money money money some so lack the necessary commitment. –09842_HOLYCOW_BLOGCHI– Regardless of public standing nor ability. — So much ‘Tenuity’ in the fictional narration. — Neglecting so much detail — A tenuous situation. — Digging down a little deeper regardless of any capable agility — For nothing more than a little spare change — Oh Good Golly what is it now?  — The failure of the neglected for yet the nobility — Other than character assassination practiced by the lugubrious and the jolly. — Anyhow —  Trashing one or another other than the another oh so Holy Cow. — Always some or another marketing the ways in the life of the ‘Svengali’.  — Yet the practical revival — What if it should fail? — So much on the line whether or not surviving for the double take of survival. — Much is lost in the shuffle in the Splintered Webs where ever the rider is passing to Go or otherwise going to a landing in the jail — Of popular opinion. —  ‘Elephantine’ efforts yielding necessity in the battling of the nearest or next the embittered the every day rival.  — Merely for the goodness sake of one or another whether or not agitated though delegated relatively to some other much older dominion. — Or not.  –>>L.T.Rhyme

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