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[No need to question thank you or to otherwise say please — Understand the filing to outrank you is simply one or more than another tease — Environmental efficiency progressive to say the least — Some minds simply regressive when controlled by the Capitalist Beast — It’s more than shadowy all apparent of ulterior motives here — Greed for greed sake more than aberrant after that third And So On or So Forth the intoxicating beer — Falling top to bottom is a matter of degreesSmokem if ya Gottem wrapped in plastic American cheese.–>>Rupert L.T.Rhyme]

Boris pulled a slice of paper thin plastic wrapped American Cheese from his greasy shirt 00052CAHTAWKMOV_BLOGCHIpocket. “How do you open this?” he asked. It was the thinnest piece of cheese I had ever laid eyes upon. The fact is: I was in The Baltimore Detention Center for the first time in my life at the age of 64, a "Sad Old Man" to boot at the repeated insistence of a whipper snapper neighbor with an agenda.  Boris, a young man, said it was his seventeenth time since 1998.  Frank Needy had been there before and was waiting to be taken to another County Jail for his bench warrant and he had graduated from the same high school from which I had graduated, only eleven years apart. No one else I had come across seemed closer to my own age. "Can I see my AARP Rep, Please."  This is still not over. Oh whistle while you work whatever. {REFRESH}

Blood_Title    Frank Needy stretched out on the concrete bench with Boris on the Floor; I stood facing the small rectangular window in the metal door occasionally breaking to practice the tai-chi form slowly. I hadn't been practicing as much as I should since the knee replacement but I had no problem recalling the method since I had spent much time under the tutelage of the Professor and the Master Earl of the Simpsons in learning the Yang Style short form and producing and directing the shooting of nearly twenty hours of video and supervising the editing, twenty years ago on Maryland's Eastern Shore.  It had gotten to the point where I took on a few students interested in learning the tai-chi Ch'uan short form myself before selling my water business and leaving for Florida and Fools Sale Praise Jesus Center for the Recording Arts.  Actually I was set up there also and kicked out of school on trumped up charges, of course. There might be a pattern here.

Me and Toots the cat moved to North Carolina to vote against Jesse Helms and on my second day In Carolina Beach was introduced to Brent Runyon RIP who was an HIV Positive hemophiliac that contracted HIV because of the contamination of the Blood Supply.   We made a movie.  Toots was murdered by a local North Carolinian and Jesse Helms won anyway.  It must be me of course.  All that damned baggage.  And never going for the money: Damned "Sad old man".  I knew I should have become involved in Pornography with that silly DJ in Ocean City when I had the opportunity. -- PISTOLS OR SWORDS! And we're waiting to be arrested again -- for writing. -->>Duda Duda


08671_BUD_BLOGCHI ‘Baffle’ all the builders — That ‘Exact’ some Pound of Flesh — The environment bewilders — When the chemicals stay fresh — A half life of a zillion years — From now until some then — A Harbor is a veil of tears for some practicing ‘Za-Zen’. — The ‘Managerial We’ prescribes the tax shelter merely chemical free  — Shifting blame responsibility – to some or another ‘Managerial We’  –BLOGCHIPEARL09638– Infrastructure crumbling in so many city states — Imported workers mumbling while the Governor Master Baits  —  So many old mistakes repeated over time and time again —  The Hustle of the market, lottery, the Bingo game and raffle —  Citizenry self-defeated — Zippeedeedo ‘Za-Zen’‘Exact’ the toll from the middle class — Who else is it that they ‘Baffle’  — Somewhat tax breaks for many of those secretly hacking — The wonderment of a little morass  — Transparent oversight lacking of the ongoing political snaffle.  –>>L.T.Rhyme