Daily Archives: 11/25/2013


09086visflag_BLOGCHI ‘Hardtack’ served for the beggar’s luncheon and the dinner — ‘Dragon’s Teeth’ flashed by the International Banks — A ‘Curate’s Egg’ for nearly every or another the beginner — Dished out to ‘Decant’ with not so much as an either or Please or a thanks. — ‘Puppy Bukakke’  for the fear from the masses — One more cover-up of history with a somewhat marketable dissent — Some such ‘Puppy Bukakke’ to give it up for an arm or a legging  –00436SAINTLOUISARCH_BLOGCHI– Never the less only sterile bug juice left over to ‘Decant’ — Over shadowed by the underwhelming  ‘Curate’s Egg’ — With the bottled up anger so much a Bric-a-brac of morasses.  — They’ll give you a break if you shut up and beg — And maybe sell out a neighbor for whatever in the begging — ‘Dragon’s Teeth’ munching at the fabric of life — ‘Hardtack’ crunching in the all the under overall classes — The man over there has a gun and a knife. –>>L.T.Rhyme