Bloggerel Doggerel The Arrousing 19

2270697_ROUSSEAU_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastClimate ChangeShoot with a CameraFight with a Pen — Thunder – Lightning — Shock and All — Or is that shock n everything — Awe Shucks — Or otherwise a Way to work through it. — Regardless of the bigger bucks — Deliberately yet fading — Multicultural shading — Everyone negating — Otherwise what’s fair. — Momentarily hesitating. — Why else should anybody care?  — With so much missive information about a precarious situation — Nobody really knows what’s right or wrong — Swept up in a swarm of what is cold or rather warm — The Media Puppet Masters of insider trading –07840lottoman_BLOGCHI– The same old song. — Following orders across uncharacteristic borders — The politically savvy continually mating — Hidden agendas with so many on the mend — Follow the leader an itinerant breeder — Blowing the whistle press send. — RefreshTo too Much Fun. — Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries somewhere between a Rock and a Rolling Stone to gather somewhat Engagingtai chi– With Gunpowder Milk Biscuits always Rest AgingSo and So what — With NPR and TED — The BBC Wit Onions   — So many there were the Runyons. — Bill Moyers on line and Diane RehmWhat of it to you. –>>L.T.Rhyme — “Oui.” –>>J.J.Rousseau — “Meow.Give Blood.” –>>Ruffn

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