unstead homeses[One or another projection — Gas Leaks on Parade — Everything is simply wonderful — Oh such a wonderful charade. — It is on some otherwise — To make a difference somewhat on the level — Wonderfully remiss — Save it for the other Spies — Capitalism’s inference — Running circles around that otherwise  — Some fickle finger of Bliss. — One or another so and so the monotony — Or some other Friend of the Devil — The lotus eater from botany — Momentary enlightenment — One adventure over here — Intuitive in its appeal — Another task to complete — Working in a Vacuum Seal — Anchored by So much Stuff — So long as there’s something enough or the some one or the other to eat. — How otherwise should it feel? –>>Rupert Likes To Rhyme]   Blood_Title

Frank Needy, when he wasn't acting like a Common Pimp on some unconscious level or otherwise, was proving to be an informed teacher of making it through the day without any expectations.  "It's a Jungle up there, you know what I mean?"  he said. -- A white guy in an all white guy cell, the inference was obvious. It reminded me of Film School where the motto was "Learn the Rules of the Jungle and Praise Jesus."

As Frank Needy had predicted, papers were passed through the crack in the door. Boris was taken away and I never saw him again.  I had been in the awkward system since 1300 and the time dragged on like a chum line in an Ebb Tide with reality focused in a time capsule not going anywhere. Frank Needy had convinced me that the charges against him were bogus, based on a phone call from a relative. Having violated probation from a previous interaction with a relative, Frank found himself in a pickle.  "Anyone can call in on anyone else." he said. "The cops just come and take you away." I would have found this reasoning bogus if I hadn't been handcuffed and tossed into the Hoosegow on the word of a neighbor.     2280234_PINMAN_BLOGCHI

A guard escorted me to a nurse's station. My vitals were checked because of the orange wristband, I assumed; after A Pin Prick my blood sugar was checked. I saw a clock and it was 2300.

"One Ninety" the nurse said.

"Better than 365," I said.

"Which medication do your take?" she asked.

"Mike and Ike and a snickers. It was Halloween and I screwed up."

"How much insulin do you take?

"I stopped all medication well over a year ago," I said, "With the exception of Omega three jellies and an aspirin a day." I convinced the nurse not to give me anything for whatever reason. I had been fasting since the late morning and hadn't had a drink of water since they captured me. I felt an old time Irish Hunger Strike developing.

At a desk on the other side of an open sided wall was a man that claimed to have diabetes and his sugar was 112. There was a conversation between med techs and or nurses about which drugs to give the man since he didn't remember which drugs he took.  "Faking an Orange Bracelet" I thought while they played congenial "Drug Tag" with me.  "Metformin, Actos, glucofage, Lantis?"

"I've taken them all and gained weight. I've lost a lot of weight and watch my diet. Thank you very much."   -->>Duda Duda


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