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LUCKYLOUIE_BLOGCHI On occasion my father told the story of being on board the USS Saint Louis and surviving a Kamikaze Attack. — In the 1950s One of his hobbies was assembling plastic naval vessels with air plane glue. That’s usually when he retold the story. Not until the Splintered webs did the event become concrete in my mind. My mother was working at the Eastern Aircraft Plant, Riveting, while Dad served.  Today is the 69th anniversary of that event. AGNES_ARIVET_1944_BLOGCHI The folks stayed married forever and parented four children. Dad was never a 'Sad Old Man.' We busted the retired Steel Worker out of Francis Scott Key medical Center AMA in 1982 Because we were not happy with the care. After a his first heart Attack in 1984 he was taken back to the same facility.  After a week he was transported to John Hopkins, [That dude gots a lot of money] where they put him on a tread mill and gave him another heart attack, for all intents and purposes, killing him. BLOGCHI_HOSS04112013 I had been working in the District of Columbia at the time but got back to Baltimore in time to say good bye. After his death the family was gathered in a room to be told that everything was normal.   It was years later that I learned of the Stress Test.

In the mean Time -- In between time -- So many underpaid young Americans in Retail are turning into SAD Blatant Petty Thieves like contractors. They seem to be targeting "Sad Old People".  Caveat Emptor.  Always count your change and get a receipt: Rite Aid, MacDonald's, Subway, Safeway, Target, so forth and so on.   -->>L.T.Rhyme


4244FISHY_BLOGCHI ‘McCarthyism’  redefining — So Neighborly for the shallow and the paranoid  — Something Fishy in the Dining — Somewhat eaves dropping by the svelte  ‘Android’  — ‘Divers’  nature of the wealthy  — BTW wheez gots no power or otherwise no  ‘Gelt’  — ‘Ham Tongue’  mercury Somewhat fishy and unhealthy  — One more ‘Ham Tongue’ pig’s ear in the stacked deck from the bottom dealt — Somewhat never to be a silk purse — Dance for your dinner and Sucking for your  ‘Gelt’  — Never the less the carryout menu inadvertantly ‘Divers’ –00613shark_BLOGCHI– Such is the ‘Android’ card so sooner or later the swarming  to be felt — So many distractions for the doctors and the nursing — Charlie  ‘McCarthyism’  The Dummy and the dirty hairy pelt. — So many options for them there drugs to be dispersing. — Leveling the playing field as the Blue Fin Tuna melt. — >>L.T.Rhyme