Doggerel Day Afternoon — NEEDY

unstead homeses[Giving thanks Fortitude — Let nothing put furthering asunder — Shooting blanks though perpetually rude — Heralding those days of youth and thunder — Whenever the silence is broken — More than likely it’s another why — So much so the softly spoken —  Drink the Wine whether sweet or the dry. –>>Rupert Likes To Rhyme]  {REFRESH}

08838FITTYCENT_BLOGCHI     After returning to the concrete cell Frank Needy seemed to reach a crescendo of agitation. Whether or not it was about not getting a medical alert break or having been left alone for about 20 minutes didn’t really concern me. Since I spend most of my time alone anyway, it's difficult for me to fathom the fear some have of solitude. Though me and Frank had graduated from the same High School, we had nothing in common. The Last ABC reunion I had attended out of curiosity, I had contact with the Smart Guys, none of whom I was actually friends with in High School. One gentleman in particular said he believed the Muslims were going to take over the world because of the Mayans.  07164gimmeshelter_BLOGCHI

My Central Booking agenda was not to make friends and influence people nor to be influenced by criminals. -- I have no secret nor super power. -- My agenda was doing time and getting back home without having to Post Bail or Bond.

"What's next, Frank?"

"At some point you'll be put in front of a commissioner. It's either upstairs or down after that."

03682fireman_BLOGCHI    What was amazing to me is that Frank and I had the same Tobacco Chewing varsity football coach in a rather small Catholic High School though we graduated eleven years apart. Something that is unforgettable since the coach played me injured beginning a life long adventure in pain and a dedication to obeying all authority without question.  How can anyone forget the selfless commitment of coaches to win regardless of the welfare of those they are intended to guide in their formative years. The coach that told me he discouraged college scouts because I didn't like school, not that the knee was screwed way back when.

With time dragging on Frank was encouraging me to bang on the metal door to get attention.  When his true nature was exposed: just another common Pimp and a goof enough reason to stay at a good arms length. Oh the humanity. I stopped talking completely, sat on the concrete bench and waited to be called for the next step. Frank Needy took up Boris' old spot on the floor in the corner.  Our segregation was soon ended when we were joined by a young black man that napped on the concrete bench while I stood at the front of the cell. A night of social banter had turned into waiting in the quiet, a calming situation. -->>Duda Duda

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