02102balloons_BLOGCHI One more Method to Deliver, — So much Marketing Mayhem on the fly —  ‘Rube Goldberg’ layers with nothing much to say —   ‘Palliate’ the soured liver  — So Forth And So On perpetuating one or another the lie  — There’s no seedy residual genetically modified  ‘Foison’  — When the lab rats are simply kneeling down as prey. — ‘Borborygmus’  from the bureaucratic codified poison   —  ‘Thx’ again anyway.  –BMOREls– No ‘THX’ necessary when the content written is greater than the Bubbling Sound. — ‘Borborygmus’ gaseous distracting — When there’s so too much of the technological ‘Foison’ around — ‘Palliate’ the extent of a knee jerk reacting — The ‘Rube Goldberg’ ego maniac moderator, — A few others with Hoof in Mouth disease — And the news media and misinformation abound. — So much for the instigator. — Don’t forget to say Please.  –>>L.T.Rhyme

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