00008_discovery_BLOGCHI     Some ‘Blimp’ as a person so filled with hot air — It’s the Moon that’s only a balloon. — Why else in logistics would any body care? — So much for the otherwise Classical Gas —  The Chain Gang reflective of the what’s coming so soon. — So many reflexively gagging permitting Soylent Green and the perpetual under class. — No where the time is so lagging. — Definitive definitions obsolete. — The ‘Blowhard’ still drinking for the same old story  — To some or another as yet to repeat. — Lost in Holiday season ‘Tom Foolery’ — So much for the bling and the jewelry — Controlling of minds by the media — Though sometimes something is lost – In what the whatever Wikipedia. — The ultimate price and the deliberated cost.. — Some say it doesn’t matter what you think — Wherever the dark is the ‘Wight’The American Matrix reactionary on the blink — Whatever the message – Whenever the might. –GOOD SOLDIERS_BLOGCHI–  ‘Story Vomit’ so much more to instinctively relate. — Fall into line drinking the Koolaid — And swallowing the ridiculously trans fatty bait. — How much again were they paid? — For score any clear mind yet losing the fight. — ‘Story Vomit’ in the eye of the beholder — The other ‘Wight’ simply relaxing — ‘Tom Foolery’ so it goes though just older — To maintain the individual so taxing — Many a ‘Blowhard’ nothing more than a reactionary chimp — The obvious Everybody Knows — So the brittle and colder — A day in the life of an old gaseous the floater — Blatant self-promoter — The Goodyear ‘Blimp’ –>>L.T.Rhyme

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