unstead homeses[Whatever the method  — whenever the mood — No matter the function — Otherwise it’s food. — Delivering madness — Delivering joy — Forever but a junction — whether the girl or the boy. — What’s the agenda — otherwise motivation, -- Who do you think you're fooling? -- What's predilection -- How much does it pay? -- Just another situation -- Where so many become lost in the schooling -- Anyway. -- Another addiction. -- Why? -->>Rupert Likes To Rhyme] {REFRESH}

The door slid open: "Duda - Sullivan Duda?"

"Here." I answered, stood up, walked out the door and stopped next to the usher.  03149NOURL_BLOGCHI

"Needy, Frank Needy." Frank followed without a word.  We were escorted to a check in station down the hall and after checking in, we were directed to another holding cell that was much larger than I was now used to. I found a seat on the concrete bench.  Carl Rover entered the cell and grabbed a seat on the floor at the back of the holding cell. Frank Needy sat next to Rover and Mittle (Name Tags).  Carl smiled. I acknowledged with eye contact and soon the cell was filled to capacity.

"We're going to open the cage next door," The guard announced.  I was the first one out the door, turned right and entered the larger cage.  I sat on the concrete bench at the feet of a very large gentleman in a colorful costume. He was cuffed and shackled. "Entertainment?" He was stretched out on the bench taking up a third of the seating area. It was a very long concrete platform not quite wide enough to accommodate the man's large shoulders without him curling toward his right side. Frank and Carl and Mittle remained in the other group cage. The large man in the costume was called first and after my sliding toward the front of the painted cinder block and concrete cage, three other men were able to get up off the floor and sit on the concrete bench. No one else was cuffed or shackled. TOPTENCAGES

After the costumed man I was the next to be called.  I was led to a seat in front of a window with a four inch board directly down the center. Many busy people were on the other side of the window.  It was very early on Tuesday morning. A woman entered the space on the other side of the window and sat directly in front of the four inch board. I had to lean to the left or the right to see the undivided picture. I moved very slowly.  The woman began to speak very fast.  The sound was broken because of an inconsistency in the speaker.

"Excuse me, please," I said, "The speaker seems to be broken."

"Nobody else had that problem." she said. -->>Duda Duda



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