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09233Goats_BLOGCHI ‘Yuletide’  — Don’t run and hide — Some setting of the ego aside. — Someone’s got somebody’s goat. — Of course — It’s a New Year somewhere — Whatever the source. — We’re Too far behind wit denote all she wrote — And we really don’t Dare. — Like so much before — Not compassion to share — Like the traveling Thor — Or Brother Love’s Show — Unlike The Wilburys leaving a note — Which ever the Way did he go?09144_HANDJIVE_BLOGCHI– Yet better off for the Mythology surrounding — We’ll take the slow boat. — So much Metaphor of the taxation yet grounding —  To pay for the sight over abounding. —  Some smoke it the log: — Others still anyway lost in the fog. — What else do the cultures collide? — The need for expressive expounding. — Where does the middle reside? — So much many the options astounding — For somewhat happiness with the coming the risingthe ebbing – ‘Yuletide’. –>>L.T.Rhyme


04213_PANACHE_BLOGCHI One more ‘Pococurante’ citizen laying back not ‘Leaning In’ — There might has been a Fracking ‘Calcareous’ Coconut Infusion. — Is it time to ‘Jilt’ what’s unnecessary to yet again to begin? — ‘Sozzled’ for the ending with that ongoing act of confusion: — ‘Sozzled’ at the beginning of another so the journeyman one way or some others — To be or not that foregone otherwise conclusion. — Then again another some druthers. — Oui ‘Jilt’ the mainstream attitude because everything is so broken. –05755window_BLOGCHI– Some materially ‘Calcareous’ somewhat Nefarious — Otherwise so softly spoken. — Misses Calabash and Durante — Such and such the UN-cruel to be kind — Never mind the so and so so — Waxing poetic the Mayhap bitch slap — One or the other won’t mind. — Why can’t we all just get along? — Oh yeah — The status quo ante — Though organizationally musically inclined  — Singing Some or Another Happy Song — If and or Butt so  ‘Pococurante’. — So much for the ties that bind — Living the equality lie in a shanty. — Somebody has got to be wrong. –>>L.T.Rhyme  — “Oui?” –>>J.J.Rousseau — “Meow” –>>Ruffn

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00109_penguins2_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions Last — Climate Change — Shoot with a CameraFight with a Pen — Whether or not anything is believable is pointless in the singular viewing — Anything goes that’s conceivable — So it seems — All is lacking in the not so and so doing. — In your dreams. — Motivational adherence — Relativity Schemes  —  What was that motive again? — The awkwardness of the any the government clearance — Soupy Sale09247UNICORN_BLOGCHIWho’s zooming who now — Toasting the time out of the shadows of jail — How does anybody care anyhow? — Whatever the Whale of the Tale — Held together with duct tape and bubble gum — Whether the Duck or the Holy Cow — So much the greater than the sum.  — Refresh —  too Much Fun. — OH SO AND SO  — Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries somewhere between a Rock and a Rolling Stone to Gather the moss — somewhat Engagingtai-chi– With Gunpowder Milk Biscuits always Rest Aging —  With NPR and TED — The BBC Wit Onions — So many there were the Runyons. — Bill Moyers on line and Diane RehmWhat of it to you. –>>L.T.Rhyme


09887dog_BLOGCHI ‘Xmas-Christogram’ — X-men — So many more Super heroes — Comic Books and so many Cooks — All broken down into ones and zeros — Data gathering unhindered commenced –04173_flag_BLOGCHI– Needing government interference — Googhoulishness not pretending — So much for the sake of appearance — Bought and sold dispensed — Just one more nosh by gosh another awkward message sending — Otherwise it’s all Greek to us — Chi — So many in the out of the pocket — To be — Xmas willies Christorgram — Somehow stuff and sock it — Crackers served falling in back of the bus. — Leaving a trail — Utterly thin unlike the Rita’s lemon lust — What if it should fail? — The fear of the Green Eggs and Hell to pay Ham. — Wits tea and paddy Koch cakes with utterly forbearance to rock it. — Regardless of filling for the irrefutable Xmas-Christogram Cracker Crust. –>>L.T.Rhyme


01620sketch_BLOGCHI A ‘Gift’ Randomly accessed and housed for the goodness snakes of others, yet every snake has venom -- Some simply sucking the apple for an unforeseeable Eye -- The Catcher in some or another the rye -- Or wherewithal to boot -- Don't shoot. -- Presents of the mind or otherwise gifted -- Another Regift from the heart -- Short shrifted -04925_sidewalksurfing_BLOGCHI- Give and take for goodness sake -- A blessing or mayhap a curse -- Whether broken or about to break -- The gifts of one not greedily held -- How to otherwise disburse -- The beneficence, bonhomie, for an additional lift -- So many more thus compelled -- The Greater Good of the Gift. -->>L.T.Rhyme


07164HAUNTEDHYATT_BLOGCHI ‘Saponaceous’ rendering — Godliness at best — Yet to ‘Bowdlerize’ would be surrendering — A busted ‘Bleb’ for all the rest — Like Cherry Picking sacred books — ‘Yarborough’ single digitized — So many awkward self serving looks — So much potential barely realized –` The ‘Sigother’ biz of the partnership test — Some or another some ‘Sigother’  – –02734popeye_BLOGCHI– Considering the whole of the planet what’s in store — When here at home otherwise go home to your mother — The ‘Yarborough’ still counting whatever for — Or other so and so when regarding the web — Say sympathy so numbers the Nine — One more casualty of the blundering ‘Bleb’ — Regardless of lording over or ever so fine — Forgetting is not an option when simply trying to ‘Bowdlerize’ — Where otherwise Angels fear to tread — No matter how much more or little of such — Some things more relative when hereafter reread. — Whatever might seem so bodacious — Buttocks and thighs — To the Touch — So much interpreted through otherwise cocked eyes  — Get it out and out of the way so self served cleaning and Mayhap  ‘Saponaceous’. –>>L.T.Rhyme


05278sign_BLOGCHI ‘Entwine’ the yin – the yang unfolding — Any ‘Oeillade’ has to speak for itself — Both the young and old further beholding  –01545narticks_BLOGCHI– Not for the misinformed mind of some Jolly Old ELF — Some other so some ‘Imbricate’ wording — Politically bursting forth some one or another the ‘Sewage Fart’ — Further grouping in the technically felonious herding — One more ‘Sewage Fart’ burned from the heart. — ‘Imbricate’ messages almost always confusing — The ‘Oeillade’ Odyssey while ‘Drinking the Wine’ — So very careful in avoiding further the bruising — Nevertheless to leverage the on the roads to furthermore relatively ‘Entwine’ –>>L.T.Rhyme


EPICROU2470151_BLOGCHI So it is — One ‘Tellurian’ to another — The dog is way ahead of anybody else we know — With exceptions of course — You probably don’t know who you are — Why should anybody care what we think? — We have no money. — Most of the time spent in chilling — ‘Mea Culpa’ to all the homeless pups — Not intended to be funny — Tastes good-less filling — There’s only so much any human is willing and able to do — On the other hand the tortoise has got its own shell. — So much is in the fitting of the shoe — Seasonal ‘Hibernaculum’ just as well — Therein the ‘Plutobrat’ Revolution — So many entitled and revered by all  — Warmed by the pass on the Buck solution — Inherit the Wind or the FizzUp against the WallTax sheltered and Walmarted inSuch and such is the Biz — So many poor folk would love to be owned by one — Others simply sell out  — Owned B’More or None the Less — So much deserved opportunity knocking –rouchase_BLOGCHI– Oh so drowning in the stress — While still others just want to watch — A ‘Plutobrat’ that is — Otherwise photographed puppet socking — Down Air at the Twist and Shout — Time to toast with another single malt Scotch — Money being everything — Those it can grab by the crotch — Dignity some odd facade — Money for nothing or anything goes — The ‘Hibernaculum’ of corn checks or plaid –03923_cabdriver_BLOGCHI‘Mea Culpa’ for not accounting for any taste — Or Inheritance Tax — How much really does anybody need. — Just the Facts — Once more the Climate is Changing — Some  ‘Tellurian’ not acting in haste — The immunity of cultured greed. — Controlled Media so much estranging. — What an uncomplicated waste. — Why not simply Let it Bleed. — Institutionally speaking — This is the anniversary of the Day John Hopkin murdered my father. –>>L.T.Rhyme  — “Oui, fix it.” –>>J.J.Rousseau


05794_FLOWERS_BLOGCHI Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions Last — Climate Change — Shoot with a CameraFight with a PenWhatever the reasoningThrough no fault furthering true — Elections resounding — No Cut — Through and throughSuch light darkness risesWith no place other to go — The jealous despises — Lost in confusionSo on with the Show. — Go work on your own delusion — Once more adding to the disclaimer — Links moving to and fro — The ever changing technology of the game for the gamer –DOTHE_07547_BLOGCHI– How else does the garden grow?  —  — RefreshOHO SO SO too Much Fun. — Independently Linked and Referring to various sources and dictionaries somewhere between a Rock and a Rolling Stone to Gather the moss — somewhat Engagingtai-chi– With Gunpowder Milk Biscuits always Rest AgingSo and So what — With NPR and TED — The BBC  Wit Onions —  So many there were the Runyons. — Bill Moyers on line and Diane RehmWhat of it to you. –>>L.T.Rhyme


01001_PELICAN_BLOGCHI      Nearly every ‘Lickspittle’ necessitates sarcasm, mockery -- Not to in any way belittle -- The 'Tosspot' on the bench. -- So much undue influence over the 'Milksop' when what so however be hesitates  -- Failing to reach any orgasm -- When confronted with such crockery.  -- Nor fear of the 'Hayseed' with the Monkey Wrench -- Be it the 'Gadabout', Feelgood fellow, Cop on the beat, pirate or crook -- With 'Gadabout' gladness keeping still to handle the stench: -- The opinion of the misinterpreted book.  -- The 'Hayseed' will ultimately speak out -- 'Milksop' will stay on aside -03443_ABC_BLOGCHI- Every 'Tosspot' related to the Twisting and Shout -- All ultimately just run and hide. -- So much for the Shroud -- Regardless of gossip there was already acquittal -- The powerless Rube laughs aloud -- Be aware of the duplicitous  'Lickspittle'. -- Otherwise there's good reason to be at least maybe modestly just a little bit proud -- If only on occasion -- or otherwise occasionally. -- All the while effacing some self or another while facing about another face in the crowd. -->>L.T.Rhyme