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4730_BUDDHA_BLOGCHIWhat FITS ‘Quietude’ in rhyme again short shrift talking Shaking About Rolls Them Littered Belittle the Rattled. — Butt Wits denied ‘Collude’ in time and then court stiffed stalking staking out souls embittered fee riddle embattled. — What Will Defend off put here National Guarding Oblivious to not ridiculous the lightly ‘Vilipend’ and begin Train Spotting Sporadic Fortuitously Enough before reusing so much stamina unnerving. — The rut still ‘Vilipend’ scoff caput fear rational starting carnivorous do knot conspicuous the sprightly will to spend then within grain rotting enigmatic gratuitously for stuff Oui score perusing no such parabola done curving. –4161kernelbud_BLOGCHI– More ‘Collude’ the sexting indecently inane dependent lost din treasure forever sunken sinking regardless the chicanery of any lacking vision verisimilitude addicted to spying fervor miraculously forbidden. — Sure dull nude the vexing criminally insane resplendent cost in measure the clever drunken stinking artist the germane to see love the many hacking derision there the ‘Quietude’ predicted due frying further in fatuously more chicken. — As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment Purposes only Multi Versing Originally Concocted by ken. –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

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Once the Die is CastDOME.6.9.16.P1620114All Aspersions Last — Climate Change — Shoot with a CameraFight with a PenThere’s a Thing About That anyway still talking. — Where’s the String played out Scat By the way will stalking. — There’s something gotta giving slow cooking more frogs and innuendo. — Where’s nothing Nada living No Looking for Dogs the Grand crescendo. — Hacking Sideways the Nonesuch Direction. — Lacking malaise the Fun much indiscretion. — Another note: Famed Stalker, Mormon Political Shill and Freelance Panama Money Launderer, The WHO is also very fond of breasts in exchange for free parking and rent, has disappeared from the US DUH 00978_HAG_BLOGCHIscene perhaps absconding with great amounts of poor folked up DUES money while becoming unresponsive and methodically manipulative or nut. -- On the other Hand IT might just be Being afraid of Black People B'More or Less while living elsewhere in some near or distant County. -- Or further examples of becoming typical Land Lording shirking working responsibilities: "GIMME THE MONEY!" They say while letting the local homeowners do the dirty work... -- Lawn Order NO SHAME!  -- IT might be time to once again start UP "An Urban Experiment at Work" Sloppy Quick and Dirty Paging Newsy. -- There are now three Absentee Landlords one of which is the Treasurer of the UNIT SOUTH DURHAM HOMESTEAD HOUSES and has seemingly disappeared with the treasury.  -- A fourth house is in reprobate or whatever and there is an overabundance of Drooling Hoppin John Folk and others seeking to infringe on the Homesteader parking.  Fortunately IT is in the BYLAWS that parking is only for residents and guests of the Eight houses and they too must keep IT between the ditches. -urbanexperiment copy- Of course the nefarious landlords might have other ideas about that. Our thing has been THE GROUP BENEFIT, the environment and trying to learn the difference between a weed to be pulled and vegetation to be nurtured and a Good or Bad Neighbor; there has been a plethora of transitory variety and Beans and Rice related and STATUS SEEKING Youthiness Nut Cases and the Get the Chef and pickled cabbage banging mashers. -- Some on the Block Head Butt still refuse to recycle. -- There's a lot of Common and very little Sense. -- LET'S TALK ABOUT RACE. -- IT really shouldn't be that difficult to comprehend. -- In the mean time we're always waiting for some form of retaliation for watching out for the Wife's property values.  House For Sale: Good Neighborhood, Lovely Neighbors, In a Great City More or Less near an Internationally Renowned Institution. Magical Powers might or might not be included. Parking: $300,000.00 Minimum. All of the Hard Work has been done: You only need a Brain.  -- As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment Purposes only Multi Versing Originally Concocted by ken. -- REFRESH -- Disparity in View Anyway Still Too much Fun -- Independently Linked -- Disclaiming the obviously and sometimes maliciously or more diverse other than original linking to dictionaries mostly some oddity Data Gathering and misdirecting. -tai-chi- Who Knows what, where, who, why, when anyhow anymore if the assuming links change while others are simply disappearing layers like the Ice Flows Melting. -- With NPR and TED -- The BBC and Onions -- B'More the Less than the Runyon. -- Bill Moyers on line and Diane Rehm. -- If Butt. -- However:- Who cares? -- So What? watermark_mayopia_mini copy-->> L.T.Rhyme


CRACKERJACK.6.27.16.P1660301Developmentally Challenging the ‘Rarefied’ edition earthling participant becoming a Spectator Sporting Privatized Objecting so thumbing down knows a passive though yet aggressive objectionable painted cup link, the object to the over wrought the overweight the paper cut stock presumably entitled Spectators participating fire burning numbers however though the color coded sure sent the Spy Go for what the purpose foggy. -- Evidently babbling how dare defied rendition worth sting irrelevant the plumbing indicator Aborting Alphabetized Connecting the Cunning Clown Shows the Massive SOo Bet Congestive Demonstrable cover up stink, the project due the rover sought the closer bait the vapor nut schlock fruitlessly unbridled indicators aggravating dire earning slumbers endeavor so the borrowed read nor 'Lentigo' or Not the Nervous Groggy. -- Whatever IT was 'Matriculate' the later lost found eliminate after digestion still burdened with the student more debt deranged commercializing a money making thinking who knew Guru amore for won't the dreaded misogynist missed giving. -- The clever Fit does exacerbate the Rarefied. cost sound 'Matriculate' laughter digression will hardened myth the prudent forget estranged emphasizing the funny shaking blinking You Who Do Do assure more don't the embedded pragmatist gist living. -- Some 'Lentigo' for the sake due of ulterior clarification clarified whatever. -- Come spent to know more the break to Love inferior gestation of the 'Rarefied' endeavor. — As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment Purposes only Multi Versing Originally Concocted by ken.    -watermark_mayopia_mini copy -->> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


A03681firemandatelessFear the Absurdity Compounding Elementary Pith Scoff White Manned merely some ‘Solecism’ confounding likes the dislike hacking backwards in the phony sourcing polls the more pain targeting the poor Such Acting Selfishly Bad not truthfully diversity iota planning page of Stock and Brand Goals Slinging Hash Duh Kaiser Blade. — Hear the commercially resounding relatively ‘Kith’ soft fight planned nearly dumb witticism astounding spikes the gist hike lacking factors spin the crony coursing souls the sure sane marketing before touch attracting carelessly Mad Butt Youthfully Adversity Duh soda fanning rage the Rock and Bland Rolls Stinging Cash De Spies Charade. — The More or Less ‘Embellish’ some by any other name the hot dog ground up stress the relish come with mustard in the game So So cool for ratings laugh for the Christ sake patently thinning absurd. — Assure the guess them Hellish hum why many rather shame the Bot Frog round up Bless ‘Embellish’ some ‘Kith’ bluster thin the shame the OH No Fool PattersonParkAmericamore abatings half more the Spiced Bake Erratically Spinning the Bird. — All is Lost the ‘Solecism’ founding nothing what’s politically proctor ethologist neurology blunting the pointedly deal concerning the fun still nefariously abutted greasing palms and odoriferous fingers drawn. — Dull Dis Cost the stoicism Sounding Bluffing Nuts Analytically Doctor Proctologist Gerontology Grunting Disjointedly Feel the Burning until hilariously the Gutted fleecing alms and The Melodious Lingers On. As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment Purposes only Multi Versing Originally Concocted by ken.- watermark_mayopia_mini copy –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


8386_IHOP_BLOGCHIHere’s To The Mindless absent ‘Regalia’, no thought nor misgiving, the labyrinth so shared, the petty fears and faulty powers, the shaking foundation lacking scope squared, the still greedily hung up grasping individuality for some straws swill to suck on cause the flaws in the drawing room the shortly so backing under Reconstruction Oy, GO Butt the Religiously Slim Pickens and With Manned Pity Paired the staff half cracked. -- Cheers due the spineless passion for failure, show taught sure bliss living, the drab 'Plinth' though declared, the ready nears stand salty sours, the faking per mutation hacking dope declared, the will needily strung up slashing congeniality more dumb pause, till do truck on because the laws in the dulling gloom distort see though tracking plunder free obstruction Joy, SO WHAT Conspicuously Dim Dickens Grand myth canned witty shared the gaffe laugh tracked. -- The Nooner debater the 'Limacine' driven oozing free thumbing stress cargo myth Star Trick Guys Brand utter the tell blessed rapper philistine So Thuggish Bits the Fish Cat Dead Cuts and So Told Vets Bait. -- Sooner or later the dim refine given snoozing the becoming Escargot with garlic fries and butter the well dressed dapper 'Limacine' although Sluggish IT's the Dish That Red Buttons Show Sold Gets Ate. -- What's the cry the 'Plinth' regulated by the madly Staid costumes of war deceiving mere the Thalia inciting absurdly the modesty or the Male Dominating point more the less later stop IT Grand the cost when impugn as the Looney Tune To Do For Separating Stately Being from the Church Bugging Frightened while still 06484togo_BLOGCHIpracticing where appropriately free the human sacrifice delivered Greatly. -- Butts the hyacinth elevated why the deadly Raid On fumes assure conceiving fear 'Regalia' delighting darkly the travesty more Snail aggravating dis joint for duress Greater Prophet Stand the Lost Then Picayune Crass Puny the Buffoon Boo Who more aggravating Greatly Seeing Dumb the Lurch hugging heightened Style Kill dazzling there hopefully See the Shoe In market price considered lately. — As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment Purposes only Multi Versing Originally Concocted by ken. - watermark_mayopia_mini copy -->> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


GUTTURAL. the ‘Guttural’ hosting sound Grasping Straws and Casting the literal and the littering done habitually thrown the lateral aside as if to cling to the stand sticking through any the macabre dissed driven the unlikely reasonable doubting a given the collateral the Omen Nature of the Galactic Prey Enforcer IT’s coming for you blitz bit the Con swarming routinely casting reason conspicuous aside. — Economically the littoral coasting aground clasping claws and blasting the political obliterating fun ritually Shown the Visceral Denied As Myth to Sing through the Brand picking ‘Truepenny’ the opera missed given the fun slightly unseasonable the routing the smitten the natural the nomenclature the Love didactic stay the courser Bits drumming more to do Wits knits the conforming extremely lasting teasing ridiculous applied. — So much the evil unpreventable the analysis presented understandably the heat stroking ‘Annulus’ twisted about the Adenoidal Secretive Singing Creatively Dancing in heat subject to avoidance of the trucking around in prosperity abandonment the value denied the complicating. — Though touch the upheaval reprehensible the ‘Annulus’ intended underhandedly the defeat choking paralysis resisted the shout the anecdotal expletive bringing negatively enhancing discrete dialect due clairvoyance above the sucking sound in poverty the environment the milieu defied debilitating. –GUTTERAL.– Less or More than the vague experimental jolly gone awkward ‘Truepenny’ Bonded in the cultural dawn daring orientated of the mindless looking for a chowder leg up by still more for the stealing by the dumb what’s the Con founded why banned to do harm know the flaws bow to the otherwise wanton dead. — Stress for sure plan the plague judgmental folly fawn squandered You Who many the plotted chagrin the ‘Guttural’ gone caring concentrated above defined guess booking demure the powder keg setup why the kill for more the appealing Sly the scum Butts the pawn bounded by sand purview swarm the show cause How To Categorize Constant Dread. — As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment Purposes only Multi Versing Originally Concocted by ken. – watermark_mayopia_mini copy –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


DRIVER.8.25.16.P1750795Hear Say the Botch the Mud Hurdled IT’s utterly incompetence continuing in the unethical to be this surmounted ‘Mirabilia’ craving grace so mirrored written with why the dung runs on the existential wall fictionalized in dying reflecting the weak kneed mislead by the picayune ring in the noses while the bad boys dine at the down air ‘Inglenook’ lurking with money and power Be Greater Committee Wise a bit fitting Fear and Loathing of society in general And Then Infected Lying About What More Control “Mediocracy Does” Inciting IT locally while the Cowardly Lie In wait. — Near Nay the ‘Notch’ the blood curdled fits stubbornly relevance contributing thin the hypothetical to see the cur discounted Go figured paraphernalia saving space though feared smitten pith By the young guns gone the influential dull authorized win spying expecting the sic speed why the lampoon thing grin exposes Style the sad joys whine that the clown share jingle took working myth funny the hour Fee later done Pity Spies the nit witting Hear Grand Boasting Love pro piety ephemeral the banned pretend detected Spying the doubt Butt For the droll Hypocrisy Was delighting Wit vocally Style the flowery buy in Bait. — Drug dug dung deeply done the ‘Notch’ engraving near they the cheesy crusted burnt ‘Inglenook’ Gestalt exposing Brick and Stone How Tiny Does IT Feel Duh rejecting the payoff that Stupidity expects from Sell the Guy Fake Borders legitimized Bread Gone sensationalist stalking the doubt the So dumb putrid gastronomy the rattle on Trust Butt fee retiring subliminals the Dog Whistles as such the ghost funny droll dog gone jointly roasted. –MIRABILIA.8.25.16.crutch7492– Thug tug hung meekly on the crotch enslaving hear say the sleazy busted current single hook fault supposing thick planned shown now the shiny ‘Mirabilia’ reflecting the day off what congruity detects come Hell the High Break Waters epitomized dead on conversationalist talking about the Ho Hum Stupid Economy Amazon must not be done conspiring with criminals the Frog bristles as much the Post Money Whole Hog on Point Free Toasted. — As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment Purposes only Multi Versing Originally Concocted by ken.  – watermark_mayopia_mini copy  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


CANYON. Depressive ‘Monomania’ on stereo avoids see em so typing panic roomed in the Splintered Webs where anime the sexuality psychological and Branding anima fly anon animus the dummy be the Oui Forever Jung pup collecting unconscious mere the still smiling ludicrous politically fun gun ranting on. — Scanty regressive although the grain free ya gone fear to go paranoids GMO hyping manic groomed grin the centered ebbs there plan to say contextuality pathological grand standing anathema die anonymous the ‘Thrummy’ free the see endeavor hung up correcting Obnoxious Fear the Kill Styling gratuitous apologetically none done panting yawn. — To abbreviate the situation do more than ‘Insinuate’ the saturation implied for naught the whether or not IT matters more than inevitable to assure the needy Big Birdy gripped battered and fried. –02734popeye_BLOGCHI– Due to ‘Insinuate’ the aggravation to assure attenuate the incantation defied more sought whatever for bought split splatters assure the plan regrettable for the greedy dig wordy slipped mattered implied. — There the ‘Thrummy’ granted more the Memory Banks abounding Mesopotamia while the so many still the fearful of the constipated speaking out or smiling and so the need knows pun admonished incidentally Ugly. — Share the Crumby Slanted for the Brevity thanks astounding ‘Monomania’ vile the show any will the cheerful Love the Con updated leaking grout for styling and No Good Deed Goes Bad the Unpunished Judgmentally, Dudley. — As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment Purposes only Multi Versing Originally Concocted by ken. - watermark_mayopia_mini copy -->> Rupert Likes To Rhyme


healinghandsB’More or Less the lacking sack Delegated delightful denying ‘Journeyman’ the chosen to believed in more the styling what knots the leading on the Party Part Pardoned Backing Exemplary Colloquium revenue sharing spaced out legitimate knowledge aggrandizing lacking gratitude and centrally casting about the sniveling snakes in the grass and the Higher Sounding Waving Grasses revealing funny. — Fee Score duress the cracking hack Elevated insightful sighing Worry Than the Frozen Due received skin for the smiling Butt wads the bleeding gone the hardy heart hardened hacking contemporary ‘Odium’ ballyhoo daring faced doubt the vigilant hostage advertising tracking magnitude stand presently lasting cutout the riveting fakes din morass and the Dryer Grounding Saving Asses stealing money. — What ism IT Pride about doubt congenial though the self thought defending hang the butter spinning ‘Venial’ on more the passage through din the battering hole deflecting nothing punch drunk punk styling without much intellectual substance. — Butt schism wit ride the shout out the ‘Venial’ so the wealth sought pretending dang the udder thinning menial gone for the baggage who in the flattering goal reflecting bluffing Hunch Skunk Sunk Beguiling about such non contextual RousseauCosmos.7.18.16.P1690860abundance. — There the ‘Odium’ odious what’s the hurry than more what’s moving slowly hypothetically the chicken what plagiarized egg the first born berated So stalled in among fury hacking others brands and things. — Where the podium melodious guts the ‘Journeyman’ sure butts grooving lowly theoretically the stricken not authorized vague the wurst sworn debated though called in the hung jury lacking druthers stands and sings. — As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment Purposes only Multi Versing Originally Concocted by ken.  – watermark_mayopia_mini copy  –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme