wellsfarg-p1800554Questionably the Blight unambiguous ‘Univocal’ enunciated astounding hence the missed Splinter Grand Stand conflicted Web showing. — Credulously the slight conditioned stimulus soon equivocal the animated confounding Pence the kissed   ‘Hinterland’ Brand depicted ebb flowing. — However does the ‘Matriarch’ show IT how so should the oligarch know IT Be Safe keeping. –squegy-10-12-16-p1820036– Endeavor was the tiger shark blow IT thou GO good the ‘Matriarch’ sew IT see chafe reaping. — Off in the ‘Hinterland’ shadows fun swoon the cynical dancing showed. — Scoff din the Winter sand compose the one ‘Univocal’ glancing blowed. — As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment Purposes only Multi Versing; Originally Concocted by ken. AND Butts of course IT’s Art.  –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy –>> Rupert Likes To Rhyme

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