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SMOKEY.3.26.16.P1500830Slightly silent ‘Evanescent’, odorless, tasteless, hold the phone, not really there to no one speaking, Baiting Badly Switching Sold the Bone of the other amusing political convention. -- Brightly violent adolescent, motorist faceless, 'Gastronome', what mealy where due so done tweaking, waiting sadly itching bold Alone, Love the Mother of Confusing Analytical Invention. -- Not much left the 'Rollick' rightly, more bucolic party lined, the Grand scheme working frolic sprightly, sold the goodies cold the Drone, However Gleeful IT might seem. -- What such deft symbolic tightly, Hyperbolic Art Refined, the Brand Dream twerking 'Rollick' nightly, told the foodies old the scone, shall clever weasel Fit Fight deem. -BAIT.7.13.16.P1690031- Once delivered prepubescent, selling stems the Shadly roe, something Fishy acquiescent, mold the cookies for the 'Gastronome', and let the food fight begin. -- Sconce fee shivered opalescent, swelling Hems the madly show, come bring dishy 'Evanescent', Polled the rookies more the Epic Tome, Grand Set the Mood Right to Win. — As Always a Work in Progress for entertainment Purposes only Multi Versing; Originally Concocted by ken. AND Butts of course IT’s Art.  –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy  -->> Rupert Likes To Rhyme