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— As Always a Work in Progress for vaguely layered checking balanced to follow the bouncing BITS Coined Golfed Balls Brand Trouncing Continued Conflicted Trump Family Interest though no one seems to care denying What’s Fake Reality perverting reality while Funny Money SPLITS none Nibbled hooking pearled Swallowing Spits Baited so incites the riotous revealing satirical entertainment double crossed the standard poor Purposes Only Multi Versing Originally Concocted by ken variably nuanced in its many versions projected here how now whatever where the Branding should Be Why the When How Where Who Ha Ha funny anyway maybe laughing in all the wrong places. –– Though many vulnerabilities exist while the melody lingers vis-à-vis Trumpeon  Absurdity and Robotic  Relatively Whoopee Cushioned grabbing yucks and attention through fisting kicked back still Still Life Goes On Anyway for now. — The Back End Promises. -– More Crap. — Living in a Semi Literate Faulty Wurst Multiversing.  — Of course IT’s Art — -–>> L.T.  Rhyme Too much Fun. — Just a Bit Obscure! — Almost like before but slightly different. — What different? — “All Work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy.”

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