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— The slight of Hand of Power stealing public funding for personal stature. — The Back End Promises. -– More Crap and Baby Wipes and All Though rhythmic more accounting procedures. — Or just an interesting dilemma for some and a portable colostomy bagging IT for others.

— Living Brutality USHER Perpetrated in an Anti Semi Literate Filmed Faulty Cursed Multiversing manner.  — Of course IT’s Art thou in Trouble Appealing the narration.  — -–>> L.T.  Rhyme   — Too much Fun. — Just a Bit Obscure!   — Almost like before but slightly different. — What’s not absurd? — In the Land of the hidden Fee and Home of the Fascist Knave of Conflicted Interest Branding Globally for more Attention. — Is IT over yet? — Will they share a Hot Tub or a Golden Shower? — BTW We’re really Stupid we get no money for Posting Toasties. – There’s a Thing about That.  – What the hell we must be dead. — After all this is America and nobody does anything unless there’s a buck in IT. Only Losers.  Ask the Donald.

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