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  *   *  Rupert Likes  To Rhyme    *   Mobile  *  “That’s   Entertainment.”  * Data Data ** Money  Money. * * Continuing the singer sticking stingers rapped rotting fingers slapped spotting hash slingers pointed at inferior gapped plotting rash swingers what lurks politically conceited the Proud Done Loud Merrily Ensuing the linger licking interiors knotting profusely grips linking drips, drip, dripping into the gathering puddle.

    • As Always a Work in Progress of little or no value More or Less the ever hopeless cynically motivated obliviously misguided to this we view everything oh Wacky That IT be swill hatching quick and dirty nabbed hastily the wheels flying every which way Loosely Lips Sinking Quips, Slip Skipping Spin through the blathering muddle.
    •  Originally Concocted by ken in its many versions here how now whatever where for the  what should appear to Be or not Why the When How Where the Who Ha Ha funny By the way the many linger in the Schadenfreude spaces maybe laughing in all the wrong places.

The Back End Promises.  More Crap and Smoky Mirrored cover ups.  Making and Taking Deals for Carrying On Baggage and Hysterical Historical Stock Footage Tweeted Drowning Pardoning Self Delusion the corrupted Power and Gorey. *  * L.T.  Rhyme  *  Too much Fun.  Just a Bit Obscure!  Almost like before but slightly different.  HMMM:    THIS JUST Hanging IN!  *** No Mess.


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