Doggerel Multiversing 43 Holding Together

 Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions Last — Climate Change — Shoot with a CameraFight with a Pen — so much many the interpretation redelivered as fact the innuendo as would have IT saving IT for obstructing More Justification for Belief.

On the other hand waiting for the next round of deceit and betrayal, everyday life, the mood come from the tip top down delivered with the cool panache stinging spin and convection.

Gone be the Brother Brand baiting more the vexed sound love complete Grand portrayal the Food Yum Yum the Hip hop clown be whispered stiff the fool plan cash bringing in Brand connection.

So many the Fascists United Corporate Stated in Joint Sessions Congressionally confused.

Reading between the lines. — With all due respect…Obviously.

First they send the Black Panthers and now the “American” Nazis are here, taking pride in arrogance and destruction of natural beauty.  We’re gonna die!  When you’re under attack make a lot of Noise! “Do not go silently into that night or train boarding.”

The point is that no one knows for whom they do the Dirty Work Invading. It must be the withering stalker or some evil Steve.

Eureka! IT MUST BE THE RUSSIAN MOB wreaking havoc on the Western World!  The Put In Two cents.

Roofing on a windy day:  Tar paper, shingles and nails everywhere, In the land of the hidden fee and home of the knave destroying all in it’s path for fun and profit in the Corporate Stated ignoring sanctions when the Secretary had to be at the Helms passing bucks text be the Con mobile.

“What planet are you from?” I asked. “The White Planet,” he answered. The Donald Speaks. While the rest of US retreat into an imaginary world of intrigue, the Powerless That We Feel. — Awaiting Certain Death by Dying. So what?

— Eat them All. —   As Always a Work in Progress for absurdly enough ludicrous satirical conflicts of contemporary Daily Farce like a Trickling Down Golden Shower  leaking for Oddly Enough Entertainment Purposes Only Multi Versing Originally Concocted  by Ken  REFRESH   

Disparity in View Anyway Still Too much Fun 

Independently   Linked , with the obvious dubious disappearing  layers like the Ice Flows Melting:    NPR and TED; The BBC;  B’More the Less.

Pulling no punches nor strings with so many Robots calling doggedly the ironic and humorous in harmonistic flatulation If Butt Knot for the Oliver’s Twisted,

Nearly Daily Doubled Down for Effective.

 Though the vulnerabilities to fraud, abuse, plagiarism and other skullduggery  are all too obvious  when so many are dealing in conflicted Interest the Deal Artfully Deceptive though Multiversing the Cached .5 in Fact on Track.  —  Are you Trumped? –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy   -–>> L.T.Rhyme

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