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Hot Dust Asserts … plans be delighted …. observance required .. .For Making Everything Perfectly Clear.  * Rupert Likes To Rhyme *   Mobile *   “That’s Entertainment.”  * Data Data * * Money Money. *


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Leyte, 27 November, 1944 – Hoss on Board

Once the Die is Cast All Aspersions Last Climate ChangeShoot with a CameraFight with a Pen: Suicide plane strike while Dad was on board. — He lived well Anyway.

Nothing ever completely disappears does it?

What is wrong with you?

Be careful to whom you listen. — Net Neutrality. Even if you’re cute an A-Hole is an A-Hole thank you very much regardless of race religion sex thin skin or national origin. To B’Moron or nuts to be less.

BTW: OF Course she was lying.

Eat Them All. And suddenly the Fake News is real bought and paid for by billionaires competing feeding frenzy.

We’ve got pointing fingers.  Send Money. Big Butt there’s a thing about the Loco Mail.

Remember, You’re the Nut Not me. I’m doing my job. Severe problems at the United States Postal Service where apparently incompetence and Racism abounds. The mail doesn’t always go through. Is that a Macrocasm, Microicosmic or Macaroni and Cheesy sarcasm as intended the B’More or Less discriminated against.

Them Damn Russians are winning by who’s defaulted.

Expressively Free or expecting Local or otherwise Government retaliation by Picayune POE people again. What an A-Hole the Judge. There’s no wonder that Trump got elected: Pure Racism.

** As Always a Work in Progress for absurdly enough ludicrous satirical conflicts of contemporary Self Interest the  Daily Farce Leaking Naturally Gassy for Oddly Enough Entertainment Purposes Only Multi Versing Originally Concocted  by Ken.  Is that a disclaimer or what Context? More or Less. — REFRESH … Disparity in View Anyway Still Too much Fun … Fully Frontal Exposing Lacking Cable.

Independently Linked  with the obvious dubious disappearing  layers like the Ice Flows Melting:    NPR and TED;  The BBC;  B’More the Less.

So many Robots calling doggedly the ironic and humorous in harmonistic flatulation If Butt Knot for the Oliver’s Twist,

Daily Doubled Down in lieu of a Closer Look at Real Time Whatever  networked Cold Beer.

Though the vulnerabilities to fraud, abuse, plagiarism and other skullduggery  are all too obvious  when so many are dealing in conflicted Interest the Deal Artfully Deceptive though Multiversing the Cached 22.5 in Fact on Track. – It’s a Gas Gas Gas. –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy   -–>> L.T.Rhyme


These such things  ‘Immutable’ to be timely and again no less nor more inscrutable when unquestioned how does It stress and then the Bird in the hand the Gunnery conceal where to in bush Fee Loaded While Smoking Additional Addictive Poison … Like Money in the Pocket.

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Illustration: The Ashley Book of Knots, 1944

Illustration: The Ashley Book of Knots, 1944

Gathering speeds towards the ‘Illustrious’ Political Devil’s Country Where Castration Illustration Be Lacking though some the ready or knotted to fix IT in Post .. When the downright ugly spiritual examples displayed on lined defined by Blood and Guts drawn true lube blown jobs brought to you by hidden cameras of the anonymous duty dude.

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  • As Always a Work in Progress Originally sampled clocked and concocted by ken relative to everything assuming deniability the When ever the Any HOW Where tiny minds live the Who Ha Why What’s so funny maybe some don’t Get IT while you can So So the many simply thumped on by the limply laden trumped pawn repeatedly hacked while   Vulnerabilities of Persistent Danger  from slackers and scoundrels  and A Holes continue: Life Goes On Anyway for Now. * L.T. Rhyme  * Too much FUN: In difference All the same far Less than likely still when So So Many Are Deeply Disturbed:  Data Driven of Course.


 No holds barred ‘Unstinting’ more horrific than previously imagined logically possible Dealing Dastardly Deeds Just to Guess who done IT cheaply some the prey why the anyway predators prowl for fun and profit Brand weird belief systems missed giving due irrationally maybe rushing beckoned dressing.

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