11.13.BLOGCHI.intro.17.Multiversing.Preponderance of the Small

Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastCLIMATE CHANGEShoot with a CameraFight with a Pen: The wrath of the Woman Scorned,

Realiface.Com and so on .. It’s time to Face your accusers! Really. Complete with a Pit of hungry wolves and open stakes burning both fluid and lighter lightly taken aback skinned alive drawn and quartered back. Of course while driving a Taxi we picked up Maury Povich at the Marco Polo Hotel in North Miami Beach and dropped him and his producer at a Strip Club in 1971. That’s when we gave him the idea.

Looking for funding. FFC. What’s absurd?  What’s the point?

One day I’ll catch up. For now I’m lost in a puddle of absurdity. Though collaborating by linking; producing daily by what da luck; Communicating sparsely and vague

Backroom Sniping the Cowardly Norm. Boo: Fear and Loathing in America the Land of the Fee and Home of the Knave.

Stereo Typing in Stereo. Misinterpreting interpretation therefore Everything is a Lie. Everything you say and do will be held against you by some one or another in one way or another human failings. The end of humor.

Of course you have something to hide the superficial reasonably absurd. Pointing fingers by the Walking dead hiding behind masks.

The New Manipulated Normal Multi National Corporate State of Affairs. So many Robots still calling anyway in Sessions the denials continue.

And Justice for naught Spoil Tracking Brand Trust US more bought oil Fracking planned Bust This! Slip Sliding Away. So what.

—   As Always a Work in Progress for absurdly enough ludicrous satirical conflicts of contemporary Self Interest the  Daily Farce leaking Naturally Gas for Oddly Enough Entertainment Purposes Only Multi Versing Originally Concocted  by Ken.  Is that a disclaimer or what Context? More or Less. — REFRESH … Disparity in View Anyway Still Too much Fun … Fully Frontal Exposing Lacking Cable

Independently Linked  with the obvious dubious disappearing  layers like the Ice Flows Melting:    NPR and TED;  The BBC;  B’More the Less.

So many Robots calling doggedly the ironic and humorous in harmonistic flatulation If Butt Knot for the Oliver’s Twist,

Daily Doubled Down in lieu of a Closer Look at Real Time Whatever networked Cold Beer.

Though the vulnerabilities to fraud, abuse, plagiarism and other skullduggery  are all too obvious  when so many are dealing in conflicted Interest the Deal Artfully Deceptive though Multiversing the Cached 22.5 in Fact on Track. – It’s a Gas Gas Gas. –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy   -–>> L.T.Rhyme

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