1.19.Enfant Terrrible.18

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Not due cyclical ‘Mensuration’ analytical the Con Font Variable Alphabetized instead the roots of knowledge ever changing thoughtless who da thunk it with so many SMART PHONES off the Hook tied to the walking Dead .. Invents Utility .. Deserving Rewired .. Shaking Steady Wing Evidently Queer.

What Who critical tense duration parasitical the ‘Enfant Terrible’ categorized thin bred the shoots of college clever hanging bought guess Duda drunk It myth though any Fart Drones scoff the book Spied through the Talking Head .. Intense futility .. Observing Required .. Making Everything Perfectly Clear.  *  Rupert  Likes To Rhyme *  Mobile *   “That’s Entertainment.”  * Data Datta *Money Money  * Might Da Farce Be Wit Chew.

As Always a Work in Progress  Originally  Sampled Dirty Socked and concocted by ken relative to every thing assuming deniability and writing fiction, Ass Hole, the When ever the Any HOW Where the Who Ha Why What’s so so funny maybe some don’t the Thicker B’Moron Head Get IT while you can It’s Liberty Valance Shooting Pop Vulture Consuming  and Go on consistently tracked Envy Spy Digital corrupted dangled  Vulnerabilities and Persistent Danger  from Everybody Else in Conflicts of Interest the Less Than Self Aware Trolls continue with all versions being saved and Data View echoed all over again:   Life Goes On Anyway for Now. *  L.T. Rhyme  * Too much FUN: In difference All the same far Less than likely still when So So Many Are Deeply Disturbed: Though spineless well intended The Fault of Velcro Hooking Fishy.

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