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Resisted Tag Spawn Anus whole ‘Aberration’ credo Mystical Screams Analytical the Schooling so resentfully intelligence robbed Gin Mill Fine Dining Slap Drafted .. Around the bend behooves .. Crackers Sure Corn .. Better Observant Required .. Making Everything Perfectly Clear.. We’re under attack by the pragmatically mentally deranged with a profit motive of course.

*  Rupert  Likes To Rhyme VIM? *   “That’s Entertainment.”  * Data Datta ** Money Money  * Dumpster Stew served Daily Linking Layered Sub Texting Fluid.   Or is IT?

As Always a Work in Progress  Originally  Sampled Dirty Socked and concocted by ken the When ever the Any HOW Where the Who Ha Why What’s so so funny maybe some don’t Get IT while you can and Go on stealing while tracking hidden  Vulnerabilities and Persistent Danger :  Life Goes On Anyway for Now. *  L.T. Rhyme  * Too much FUN: In difference All the same Nuts Really.

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