Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions Last — CLIMATE CHANGE — Shoot with a CameraFight with a Pen:

Dying on the vine, a Grain of Salt Taken with everything varying context and Perspective Teaming Competitive Death.

Under attack by the Phily Steins cups running dripping overflowing the Hate of the environmentally deranged.

We’re being erased. While the Penguin and the Plagiarists are holding the woman captive or Vice the Verses above the bondage storage cold.

What is IT that you don’t understand? Questions? Suggestion? Oppression on going.

Anyway. Hail To the Cheese! Says you. Pooh.

 ** A Work in Progress for absurdly enough conflicts of contemporary Self Interest Looping while out of the loop in the  Daily Farce Leaking Naturally for Oddly Enough Entertainment Purposes Only Multi Versing Originally Concocted and updated by Ken as some obfuscated character swallowed. — REFRESH  —   Disparity in View Anyway Still Too much Fun … Fully Frontal Exposing Lacking Cable. — The Clarity of Pointed Viewing Offensive. SAD.

Independently Linked  with the obvious to do do: :   NPR and TED;  The BBC;  B’More the Less.

If Butt Knot for the Oliver’s Twist,

Daily Doubled Down in lieu of a Closer Look at Real Time Whatever  networking Cold Beer. Butt Giving Head is IT REAL or Fake newsy anyway?

Though the vulnerabilities to fraud, abuse, plagiarism, switching and missing Links, Trolling whatever that is and other skulduggery are all too obvious the Deal Artfully Deceptive  though Multiversing frequented frequently echoed confusing the issued Presidential Proclamation Tweeted.  –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy   -–>> L.T.Rhyme

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