Once the Dye is CastAll Aspersions LastCLIMATE CHANGEShoot with a CameraFight with a Pen:

Rental Property by Absentee Landlord. The last couple Joe and Elissa were great. Before them:EH? Except for the guy that was run over by a train and lost both his legs and could no longer climb the spiral staircase. He was actually a good dude. The Brit and the Korean couple it turned out were pure evil and talked a Hopkins Diseased phd Heart? specialist into joining them in perjury. What was that all about in this Splinter Webbed Age of Deceit and rigging elections. I now know I never should let anyone from Hopkins use my WiFi. And I did that on two occasions. What a Baltimoron! And Under It all Are More HACKING.      Conflicted Kinky Paranoia.

Finally there are landlords that live near the property and Park. Yeah that’ll make a difference. The Power of overseeing slavery of the old. “Let’s fix this landscaping”. You’re joking right. The Hopkins incursion always knows better. Oh my generalities and stereotypes. Everybody Lies. Oh, that’s not funny? Sorry. Where’s Mad Dog Murphy? Relax.

We really Miss Nell and Brandon and Waldo and Lightning and Gretta from 20 after six years of neighborly Help. Sweeping really does make a difference. Though all the hard work for obtaining the Park and parking has been done by others the new folk will simply take things for granted and probably make the same mistakes that lost the Park to the City in the ’90s. Of course they’ll listen to the Pinhead and Hopkins Gossip and maybe get the opportunity to view Levy’s Vagina Videos. Personally ICGAF.

They gotta kill US.  At Least Try More or Less.  I’m a Baltimoron. They eat the old here.

TRUMPERICA CURSED!  Trump was elected because of Racism. I am a registered Independent and usually Vote Democratic because I am not a Fascist. The Community Coward Leader, besides hit and Run and name calling, is a big reason why the Republicans might win again and The Donald also.

Demockrazy: Ya Gets Da Guvment ya deserve, Mormon. Praise Cheez Wiz.

BTW: From personal experience no one associated with JOHNS HOPKINS should be trusted blindly. To the best of my knowledge from anonymous sources since I forgot her name they pay for higher rankings besides taking videos of vaginas and stealing cells. And the brit broad was a secretary not a faculty adviser as she had stated. And Chulko knowingly perjured himself in open court. ONE LIE LEADS TO ANOTHER THE NEW HOPKINS CODE OF ethics AGENDA?

“He’s a doctor” said the Picayune persecutor. What was their problem anyway? Being from Vegas no doubt.

Rock On. B’More or Less. What a Hoot. He appeared almost as if on cue: Costumed Community Leader Enter Stage Left. What da Fa Community the History Major Decides is his choice guess as good as any tribalism dictates..

For the third time visited by a purported Community Leader from Fairmount Ave, he said, though more than likely a Lie. He arrived while Rousseau stretched his legs. Two of the Street Lights at this end of the Block are dark so the Alley seems a bit mysteriously shadowed.

On the The first visit after the contemporary ZOMBIE yanked his ear plugs from his face, he eventually struck me and ran away. Community Leader my Ass. The next time he came up behind me and swished by the back of my head and ran of again. It could have been a proxy but who would follow this guy. It must be part of his leadership training AND AFTER SCHOOL PROGRAMS to harass old Poe Folk.

The last time a black man approached me in a long coat, he whipped a rifle from under the coat and stuck it in my face. I was a cab driver and he demanded my earned money.

To make a long story short he was counting the money i HAD GIVEN HIM FROM MY SHIRT POCKET and demanded more which gave me an inkling of the apparent set up by the lovely middle aged black couple I had dropped at the Mosher Court Apartments. I mention Race because I made it a point to be an equal opportunity TAXI DRIVER. He took his finger off the trigger for a moment while counting so I grabbed the barrel of the rifle HELD IT DOWN and drove off. BTW he was probably looking for the TWENTY the dropped off couple had given me. Last night a cloaked figure approached in some sort of flowing costume.

I finally recognized the costumed Community Leader after he whipped out his phone and began his tirade on some phone App. Anyway Rousseau walked to the front door to go inside and the alarm went off. This time the funny looking costumed Community Leader walked off down the Street Towards upper Fells Point or towards the Projects on the West Side of Broadway where at the age of about ten a black boy ripped off my Halloween Candy at knife Point.

Baltimorons forever. This is a work in progress and I might have to clean it up a bit. It’s only drill and like the nice young man said, “You’re psychotic.” Don’t cha know. The reason the Donald is President. I gots nuthin against Cross Dressers personally it is the hidden weapons I’m cautious.

Waiting for the Next Setup and Pitch. Of course we’re under hack attack. So It Goes.

 ** A Work in Progress for absurdly enough conflicts of  contemporary Self Interest Looping while out of the loop in the  Daily Farce Leaking Naturally for Oddly Enough Entertainment Purposes Only Multi Versing Originally Concocted and updated by Ken as some obfuscated character swallowed. — REFRESH  —   Disparity in View Anyway Still Too much Fun … Fully Frontal Exposing Lacking Cable. — The Clarity of Pointed Viewing Offensive. MAD.

Independently Linked  with the obvious to do do: : The Onion NPR and TED;  The BBC;   B’More the Less Reality conflicting interest.

If Butt Knot for the Oliver’s Twist,

Daily Doubled Down in lieu of a Closer Look at Real Time Whatever  networking Cold Beer. Butt Giving Head is IT REAL or Fake newsy anyway?

Though the vulnerabilities to fraud, abuse, plagiarism, switching and missing Links, Trolling whatever that is and other skulduggery are all too obvious the Deal Artfully Deceptive though Multiversing frequented frequently echoed confusing the issued Presidential Proclamation Tweeted. Still Life goes on anyway for now.: –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy   -–>> L.T.Rhyme

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