Since Apparently Sing ‘Solmization’ is a contributing  factor to our lack of musical compensation folked purr song the catty tailed scaling back on obfuscation so much electronically ruled anyway to belong where Dose Eat Oats and Mares Eat Gloats while little lambs eat ivy slop for unity the sounds like wit each unto its own self be true lies.

Prince The Valiant Be King the Column Sensation this a NUN attributing actor due sour slack Love whimsical calm suppression poked ‘Furlong’  the batty nailed trailing slack gone slob sensation though touch moronically schooled many stay who be wrong there Pose Heat gloats and shares sweet notes style brittle scams meet lively opportunity abounds strike IT leech Fun do bits shown stealth see blue skies.

All Work and Yo Play Spawned Stress Make Jack a Dull Boy. Why is the screen moving?  ooops. the Real Deal on pause. Where were Oui now? On a trip to remember barking. Oh my wait til it’s over I guess confused by the bounty died gone ‘Laundress’ viper still working. 

Stall lurk Brand So say ‘Laundress’  Shake Slack a Fall Joy Fly This the Scene Grooving scooops the feel spiel gone cause there spur see how gone the grip who dismember harking though buy late shill wits hover spy stress done used by the Mounty Pied Spawn Dauntless Piper Swill Jerking.

How such ‘Furlong’ the short stall migration there’s much to be gained with diversity the clever show resistance labored Oh contrary touche wit harks the Fee Thinning Love Rhyme.

Shall touch her strong the fort ‘Solmization’  shares such who restrained myth adversity the ever so Persistence Savored Customary so say it Marks the Beginning of Time.

*Better Observing Required  * Rupert Likes To Rhyme   *   “That’s Entertainment.”  * Data Datta  * * Money Money  * Quick and Dirty Subtext Linking * A Work in Progress the  character driven MAD Originally concocted by ken and updated here by such the When the Any HOW fear loathing nothing motivating much Any Where the Who Ha Why What’s When Clever  so so Irreverently funny, For Amusement Only; Though Royalties Absent  and Vulnerabilities and Show Causing Effective Persist, Life Goes On Anyway for Now. *  L.T. Rhyme  * Too much FUN:  All the Same Alien Marketing Space Shipped CONVENTIONAL.

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