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STILL ENGAGED IN THE BATTLE FOR TRUTH JUSTICE AND THE ANYWAY— Dispersion is the Cost of Doing Business— CLIMATE CHANGE — Shoot with a Camera —  FIGHT WITH A PEN & TONGUE IN CHI EEKS:  Long in Leeks,

Historically Needles in the Alley OOPS adding wire hangers lately preparing for outlawed abortions and other secretive meetings upcoming fearing daylight the Zombies and Dingbats abounding plugged in. Boo. Eating Brains and washing them too.

It stands to reason that when dear dear folk clear their debris from their back yard to the Community Service Common Alley other Debris would accumulate, including needles.  Also when folk park in the Community service common alley it stands to reason junkies would map out the shooting Gallery Area. Some also must be reminded that giving money to people hanging out in the Alley should be discouraged.  Some Folk must be reminded that children sometimes play in the alleys while others don’t yet.

BTW August and September 2007 NEWSUNITS seem to have been scrambled or disappeared so to speak. We are aware that we’ve had many subversive visitors including Russians according to DELL. A Big BUTT WE HAVE MANY Outrigger Hard Drives so we will search for missing UNITS to be posted on Sundays and Wednesdays until someone kills US whoever they are.

Though we still live on the block we have been eliminated from the Group we basically Co founded with my wife for the purpose of perpetuating the GREEN Space and equality in parking that had been taken over by Bullies. The intention of the revised group is not to be transparent obviously. These Whipper Snappers are a bit strange especially the absentee landlord investors.

If I die under mysterious circumstances IT will have been Murder. Only the hairdressers know for sure. This is B’More or Less.

The NewsUnit From August, 2007 Has Been Located. How much other damage has been done by Jerrymandered scrambling we are quite oblivious for now. We do know that our current Host is way behind the times leaving US wide open to further EVIL be Cursed!

In ‘The Masks of God’ Joseph Campbell defines Mythology as “Everyone else’s Religion”(sic)

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If Butt Knot for the Oliver’s Twist,

Daily Doubled Down in lieu of a Closer Look at Real Time Whatever  networking Cold Beer. Butt Giving Head is IT REAL in Broad Daylight illegally parked out front or Fake newsy anyway?

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WELCOME CHLOEY {excuse the spelling} NEW BABY AT 10 (July19, 2007) Nameless people have moved into 22 (Go to why Boundaries and Rules are necessary: http://www.mayopia.com/UNITSOUTHD/UNITSOUTHD.html
July 20, 2007 ISSUE 4


As of June 30, 2007 there is $1,310.00 in the treasury. The work being done in the Park and other dealings concerning the organization are strictly on a volunteer basis.

We left off last month with Rupert taking a crap on a City Street, fed up with the world. Since he left the woods 27 years ago he seemed to float from one situation to another, occasionally blowing off steam but on the whole leading a creative life. The speculation is the secretive nature of government from the top all the way down to the local level in a free society, finally drove him to drop his pants and express himself. He forgot that Pan gloss was actually right (PWR)”This is the best of all possible worlds”
It was true when Voltaire penned it and it’s true now. Cause and effect. Everything miraculously evolves. HA! Or is that ha, ha, ha.

In May the big controversy was the unlicensed van moved into the space at 18. When the police arrived assured by the violator that the property was private since he had put up signs back in the late 70s that said cars towed by Greenwood garage, Private Property, no tickets were issued; everything is peachy. Everybody knows that this is still City property and that’s why we formed the group to buy the Park and make the park permanent GREEN SPACE. Anyway, tags expiring at the end of June suddenly appeared in June with expiration date 6/07. In the meantime there had been sightings of the JAG around the neighborhood…CONCLUSION=Bigger vehicle=bigger annoyance. “Let’s take up more room.”

Even though SUV neighbor was blocking the alley no police were called for the entire month of June. This is a safety issue. Since the SUV neighbor has had a fire, one would think this would be of some concern to him though it was a smoldering electrical fire and the walls are so thick and old, 0 smoke damage would be noticed by the neighbors. Oh yes, renters on one side at the time. This is neither here nor there since the cops were finally called at the beginning of July for expired tags. The SUV was told not to block the alley along with another car that was actually legally parked according to a 30 year precedent. He was not issued a ticket for expired tags however. This is on video.

Once the police left I filled the legal, set by the city, parking space with the mini and the jetta without blocking the alley. As anticipated the SUV neighbor returned with the SUV to once again take up more than his own space and continue to block the alley, but he couldn’t so he called 911. In five minutes two patrol cars appeared. New stickers suddenly appeared on the van. The police also told me that If I didn’t turn off the video camera they would take away my camera and (film). And I was given a parking ticket for parking two vehicles in one spot.

Since that time SUV neighbor has once again resumed parking, obstructing the alley. The van disappeared and the JAG returned with its river of transmission fluid draining into the BAY.

file:///D/www/UNITSOUTHD/NEWSLETTERS/07NEWS/111807/4ISSUE/Newsletter07202007.htm[3/24/2019 11:04:05 AM]

Molly from Parks and People visited our park in late June and said that since Parks and Rec had done some work in the Park that we may be eligible for the $5000 grant. A neighbor in 28 said she didn’t want me to speak for the group anymore. Did anyone apply for any grants? Jennifer from the Councilman’s office was upset because we sent in the offer to Housing and Community Development on our own without letting them do it even though that entire situation came about without their direct involvement from a person they really didn’t know. Things are quite a mess right now. Parks and Rec was going to replace posts and trim trees but they’re upset because there is tension on the block and they don’t wish to offend anyone. Someone other than Rupert took a crap in the park last week and someone else in some way, either by accident or by intent smashed an azalea in the North garden. No one was mugged or murdered to the best of my knowledge so all is well. Candide said, “We must tend to our garden.”(sic)

I did, however, hear from Ellen In Barbara Mikulski’s Thames Street office where a letter of appeal to use her name for the Park in hopes of giving people a little more real pride in their special little block was delivered weeks and weeks ago. I sent her all of the official documentation we have collected so far, minus the actual charter from the State and approval from the FED. You can find most official letters along with video at http://www.mayopia.com/UNITSOUTHD/UNITSOUTHD.html

Pat is still double parked down at the South end, but who cares. Calvin still blocks the alley but who cares. Avon is upset because he has to pay twice as much for his space as the homeowner residents but who cares. He should feel blessed that others are doing work for him so his tenants can have a parking space.
And Rupert still gives a shot (please excuse the spelling).

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