A Day Early and Dollars Short. Posted and hand delivered January 2008. I’ve really gotta up date the site with Adobe Dreamweaver since originally everything was done in Adobe Go Live. I’ll never Ketchup the onions raw. One of the neighbors said what I do is a Hobby. After Three Novels, Five Screenplays, Five thousand + Blog Posts I would call it a life’s work. So What.
The entire content is the responsibility of ken and some haphazard research
(Mea culpa)

It is necessary that a second NEWSUNIT be sent out for January. We are
approaching a closing for the ownership of 7 South Durham Street. Our block is small,
but that doesn’t mean that communication is easy. It seems that we do not all understand
the meaning of “CARETAKERS of THE POCKET PARK”. It has been suggested that
we make the PARK smaller to allow for more parking. To make it clear, any
arrangement with the City will stipulate that if we alter the park so as to reduce (rather
than expand) the GREEN SPACE, we will lose the Park and parking, and 7 SOUTH
DURHAM STREET MAY GO TO THE HIGHEST BIDDER. To preserve our easement,  we need to behave responsibly. This includes the notion that each of us should not infringe upon a neighbor’s easement. What makes you think you deserve more than an equal share? And what is it about “GREEN SPACE” that confuses people? It doesn’t mean to have a beer fest with corned beef and cabbage on Saint Patrick’s Day while painting the walkway green.

We have been asked to furnish proof of liability insurance as quickly as possible.
This is a process that we began six months ago; Jerry obtained a quote from his insurance
agent, and I got an actual policy drafted by my agent. Now that it is urgent, I have had a
difficult time getting in touch with Jerry. I did get a phone call from a guy referred by
Jerry who said he was coming by to look at the park At this point it is important for our
nonprofit to finalize insurance coverage as soon as possible..

Now that transfer is imminent, it is crucial that house owners come current with
their dues—we have bills to pay, particularly for liability insurance to secure the transfer.
Personally, I would suggest that people who fall three months behind have their cars
towed, and lose parking privileges until they pay ahead, as a penalty. Six months behind
IN DUES the space could be filled in with soil and trees planted, expanding the GREEN
SPACE of which we are the CARETAKERS. Such is the “URBAN EXPERIMENT AT
WORK PARK” That’s why posts are necessary, to maintain fairness and enforce
everyone’s equal contribution. Anyone who uses their easement to profit from an
outside source should also lose their parking privilege since that would violate the basic
unit block tenant parking and possibly jeopardize the agreement with the City. In
addition, such a use of the property would violate the terms of our nonprofit
incorporation and result in dissolution of the corporation by the state and federal

By the way, I am having a photography show at the Whistling Oyster until the end
of February. A reception will be held on First Friday, February 1, 2008, 19.00. So far
twenty pieces are up, another 25 are being framed. Hey—I gotta pay for this site
somehow!  https://www.mayopia.com/


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