(February) 2.15.NEWSUNIT.2008

IT’S WEDNESDAY: As promised this is the Early February 2008 Newsunit. Since I am pursuing this on my own with the help of hackers and technical support both from Hostway and the Great Adobe products. Though occasionally complicated and overwhelming to an old man I have found Adobe 24 hour call in service to be helpful and patient. I am a Bit Slow. I’ve been using Adobe premiere since 2000 or thereabouts when I first created mayopia.com on line. Adobe used books of step by step instruction which I found more helpful than the electronic versions or people now utilized. Still working on the Acrobat thingy since Tech changes so rapidly as does mind and memory. Some support staff are more adept and patient than others. Some simply hang up, Ahmed.

BTW Kim we have no sponsors and we’re running out of money and credit BUTT as per request we’ll put your link      Here For Now.

The below historical post will be compared to earlier saves time permitting. KP

I have also saved all hard copies of pertinent correspondence though I have been dis invited from any future participation for obvious nefarious reasons of greed power and misinformation.

Of course it’s all my fault.


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