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IT’S WEDNESDAY: As promised this is the Early February 2008 Newsunit. Since I am pursuing this on my own with the help of hackers and technical support both from Hostway and the Great Adobe products. Though occasionally complicated and overwhelming to an old man I have found Adobe 24 hour call in service to be helpful and patient. I am a Bit Slow. I’ve been using Adobe premiere since 2000 or thereabouts when I first created mayopia.com on line. Adobe used books of step by step instruction which I found more helpful than the electronic versions or people now utilized. Still working on the Acrobat thingy since Tech changes so rapidly as does mind and memory. Some support staff are more adept and patient than others. Some simply hang up, Ahmed.

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Ontheotherhanditmaybeyourperceptionisfaulty.NEWSUNIT FEBRUARY 15, 2008
The entire content is the responsibility of Ken and his numerous alter-egos. (None of us really care anymore.)

     First of all we would like to mention that 8/10 South Durham has become vacant once again. We thank the tenants for always respecting the parking boundaries of others and acknowledge them for their ability to get away without sweeping up both in front of and behind their home in the alley for an entire year. Save the Bay. Once again Calvin immediately has taken over the parking space with his sense of entitlement though there is work being done on the house by Jerry’s crew. We are confident that the extensive work being done will be done right. I’m certain that Avon could check with his former tenants and learn that they always had a parking space for nearly their entire year—until Calvin jumped into the space before they even finished moving out. If you can stand the language and the violence please check out the videos on the web site. There is much more photographic and video documentation available, but I got a life.

Jerry has reported that everyone in the block is up to date with their dues with the exception of Calvin who is paid up until September, 2007.

What’s wrong with equality? All things being equal, there’s absolutely nothing that is equal other than a symbol in Mathematics. Life isn’t fair. There are always those who wish to have power over others with no eye on that mathematical equal sign: =. In sports they have handicaps; in golf, horse racing and Special Olympics there are always attempts to make things more equal but alas things will never be equal: some are faster, smarter, more talented, work harder, do more of the work, take up more space, are more competitive. Competition = some things will never be equal.

When the possibility of equality confronts us, it should be welcomed with open arms: Equal Rights, equal opportunity, Equal sugar substitute, equal parking slots as laid out in 1976 when the Pocket Park was built by the City and Posts were planted for the eight residences of the Block in exchange for taking care of the Park. The only record of an actual agreement with the City is the recollection of actual homesteaders of the dollar houses and ten post holes, seven of which haven’t been completely filled in or covered up, after a few of the neighbors removed the posts in the mid-nineties so they could move in extra vehicles. It’s like beating a dead horse ain’t it?

We are again confronted with the possibility of some sense of equality in the Unit Block South Durham. The work on the pocket park will never be equal because some just don’t care and never will. We have been working with Councilman Jim Kraft’s office for two years. I believe it was the winter of 2006 when the neighborhood finally realized that there was a possible threat to the parking. Other positive work had been done behind the scenes since at least 2002. We received a letter from the City two weeks ago which seemed inappropriate for our 501(c)4 agreement with the City of Baltimore. Jennifer Piorkowski of Jim Kraft’s Office was informed of our concerns, relayed them to the appropriate people and we are expecting another letter this week. Meeting for UNIT SOUTH tenants and Board: 02-27-08—City Hall—17.30 (5:30 pm).

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