(January) 01.16.NEWSUNIT.2009

Another Year Ten Years After. Today is Sunday June 9, 2019. The Reason for posting NEWSUNITS past is to inform those who know what falsely assumed entitlement meaning nothing due to instability of Health and things of absentee landlords attempting cowardly mentally daring duels dangled waiting for pistols or swords the weaponry vague. The Fun!

Eat Them All. Just a Slight Disclaimer of some possible skullduggerous editing before exporting Newsunits to Jpegs. I have yet to compare to earlier downloads since there was a point where the Withering one requested the location of files before really turning hostile and I simply acquiesced as to the location. When Calvin had his stroke I removed the link from the front page.  Of course, none of this matters but for the Deed and City Records of the sale.

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