(JULY) 07.20.NEWSUNIT.2009

Waiting to be squashed like a Bug.

Many Years Ago Three Young Men, not Mormons, claiming to be from the Historical Society knocked on the front door of 12 South Durham and told me the story of how most of the houses on this block were built by Free Black Men in the 1840’s. They were working on the houses in Butchers Hill as paid carpenters and workers. Someone from Ann Street recently informed me that the historical society didn’t know what they were talking about and told a different story not referencing sources.  When the Foolish IT be the bullish wit.

These houses were dollar houses in the mid 70s and as an added reward the City built a small pocket park on the East Side of Unit South Durham Street and added eight parking spaces properly bordered and ordered with wooden post.

My wife bought her house in 1992 for 75,000 dollars with the expectation of assigned parking.

In the mid nineties two men on the block ripped out the posts and added extra parking spaces for themselves.

Because of apathy and unpaid water bills the Park reverted to Baltimore City. I discovered this in the mid 2000 oughts.

Two original dollar house homesteaders remained. Now there is one who will be retiring from the State at the end of the month and will probably run like hell. We know nothing but what some dingbat that likes to be in the know told me. Anyway.

Going back ten years It took a lot of work mainly by myself and my wife: meetings, negotiations, lunches, crab feasts and beers and a major investment in tools and work and plantings.

Why are you the Designated Representative? ” Calvin asked.

“Because I did all the work.” I answered to one of the original homesteaders who screwed the pooch and simply  wanted extra parking for his junkers. The Misinformed dogooder Dingbat agreed and felt that The old black man should get extra parking because he was black. I was drummed out of the group and continued the work because it was the right thing to do and I was watching out for my wife’s investment.

No one else really seemed to care at the time except for Jerry Withers who owned two rental properties and saw the benefits of parking though he was a bit confused as to what that meant eventually.

Other than the right to be a stalker leading up to the 2012 elections since he was a Romney supporter claiming a familial connection to the Marriotts.

A lot was SATIRICALLY BLOG POSTED in 2012. That’s also when the crazy treasurer replaced me as the resident agent with the dingbat who quickly had me removed from parking enforcement which caused many confrontations regarding parking since I only had personal bluster as my weapon. The Dingbat traveled frequently. Fortunately no one was killed though it helped the gossip mill and its variety of perspectives.

Anyway why would one worry about bricks in the park with green growth which helps prevent more runoff and not care about the front of the house losing bricks?