(AUGUST) 08.07 (NEWSUNIT) 2010

This is Wednesday July 3, 2019. The following is the Last of the NEWSUNITS. Again it must be emphasized that Lorie M and me did most of the work and were invited to the settlement.   The SETTLEMENT Papers were in a safe but I mistakenly took them to a meeting and they were taken by someone Prime named … ah I dunno. it’s all so petty. Like anything: IT only has meaning if one gives meaning to IT = Existential Outlining. Or Commits Fraud.

Until he became more insane William J Withers was an integral part of the Group.

I have been Blog posting with HOSTWAY since they purchased Valuweb in 2009. I have been blogging since 2008 and have the pre September 2009 data on a separate drive.

https://www.mayopia.com has been a WEB presence since 2000 beginning in Chicago IL, moving to Rockville MD and finally back to BMore or Less in 2002.

Hostway has a problem and my STATS topped off at 17.5 million hits 06.18.19. and are no longer being counted. We are being erased. So What.  We’re told it’s being worked on still (7.3.19).

Like the Wacky Judge said, “No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.” Picayune the evil persecutor concurred. Doctor Velcro perjured himself And the Curdler said “Don’t Sue me,” Full knowing my rights were being violated.

The Local ACLU told me that they didn’t have enough funding for an old Cry Baby White Guy whose punishment was going to Probation for about six months of a three year sentence. Having been NOT GUILTY For 65 Years now I got a record and can’t get a job with Lyft to continue living in doors. White Privilege.

Jerry Withers pretty much disappeared after the Freddy Gray riots while still remaining treasurer until he was removed from the checking account though he still had an in at PNC. The Bank finally sold his last house to other investment types. Or did they.  The Dingbat still ain’t got a clue or an original thought.

We’re done here. Totally Absurd.

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