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06 . 08 . Enumerate . 2020

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Slowed Best Mitch Win Slime Rowed ‘Gest’ hitch Spin Crime RUB Slim Pickens Committed Hear True Play Neat Sway Sacks numbing Expecting true Fear See Nerve numb Forgiven the spender in the GAS tanking gone traditional glower opinions worth fright SWOLLEN Blessed Defected Rhymes Please SPRY Mimes Tear Gassing.

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Aggravate BLUES with integrity Flaw String destructible confusion ruefully rejecting view Chance UTTERLY HEP THEN WHAT ‘Enumerate’ ACTS Maxing Factored IN Cynical Pickets Jab Stunning Rat IN Charge The Glower Purging Reject Defying Detect Refuting Remedies Twisted Free Sparse Doubt Carry Narration Dollar Reloaded.

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