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06 . 13 . Stridulate . 2020

‘Stridulate’ screeching measured pinning hopes utter be dreaming skimming dopes coax cried shrieking shrilly the Pointing Damning Say Sisters Breeder Fingers Viral Dripping while walking dead swallowing whole HOT Borders driven shaken stirred Wines Dull insanity the Broker of Broken Backs Seeing Plunder CURVED Layer Lining traditional confessing strains to the OUTER LIMITS CLOSING RANKS Sure Thing THUG SESSIONS Questioning the Ring A Ding Prey Authority So Critical Faction Over Sight Necessary of Dumb Witted MADE Greedy Leaders.

Stimulate reaching pressured spinning copes ‘Buttery’ teaming trimming ropes hoax tied peeking Chilly Anointing Slamming Gay Misters Leader Lingers Spiral gripping style stalking  FED following POLL SPOT orders given taken blurred Lines Cull in Vanity the JOKER LOVE spoken Cracks Being Under SERVED Prayer Mining additional None Stressing GRAINS Screw the Doubter Dim Wits Posing PRANKS More Sting Suggestions Aggression Bring the Swing A Thing Say Seniority Political Action Hover Slight Emissary Love Committed PAID Needy Greeters.

Done did what with SO ‘Whodunit’ anyway none Bid OLD BUTT Lift SLOW To Shun Grit Stealing Honestly Stereo Typing the policy flagging more Crowning shoddy DIES best lately Battered Wince deceptive practices very locally to continue bend so WHO judge GOLD Making ruling Lies while Preaching Ethics Lying fish fried battered. 

Run Kid Not Myth SHOW Screw Gun Kit many pay One Lid SOLD NUT grift Though ‘Whodunit’  dealing modestly CHEERIO HYPING the odyssey dragging for Drowning body WISE test greatly mattered Since Directive Damages Scary Vocally WHO Done Innuendo Through Nudge OLD Faking Schooling Dies Style Teaching Metrics Dying wish lied mattered.

‘Buttery’ PREPPING COFFEE Stipulate THE rub CRIMINALS Urging Action Fraction Greater Disposal Dissented shakes the Crony Stupid is as was idiocy prevails trying Fury Booty Destination Mixed SPACE Clown Thunder Wordie SCARY BLOOD CURDLE Crying Mushed CLOWN Mouth Humor Hunger PART STIPULATING Factions.

STUTTER SEE STEPPING SOFTLY ‘Stridulate’ the Sub Imbeciles Purging Traction Faction Dater Proposal Presented Breaks BALONEY PUTRID Fizz JAZZ does Literacy Details Spying Jury Duty Presentation Fixed GRACE Down Under Dirty HAIRY CRUD HURDLE Dying Crushed DOWN South Rumor Monger Articulating ACTIONS.

* Better Observing Distance Required  * Rupert   Likes To Rhyme   *   “That’s Entertainment.”    * Data Datta * * Money Money **  Quick and Dirty Subtext * Linking Layering on Thick  * BRAND WORTHY * A Work in Progress * * Free Expression Expressing Freely **  Why HOW What FOOLISH IT is Is *  Clever Stupid so so. * For Amusement Only. * Character Driven * So What Deceit Vulnerabilities  and Shown Causal Effective   * Defective Persist, Life Goes On Anyway for Now.  *  L.T. Rhyme *  Too much FUN. * All the Same:    Dissolution Despised Pending    Stupid Is It Does    Institutionalized Ending    Fluid Fizz Wit Was.