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06 . 20 . Necropsy . 2020

 ‘Necropsy’ hear say said you Silk Word Dirty Rat the Who Be Late the Weight True Bilk Herd Birdy HURLS At That debate tweeting strike defending Pollinator Bee Destruction killing off Earth Hopes Screamers Shouting Youth Challenged inflating more the dull see more hailing chiefs resented in fee EDITION revised kind doubt Prep Defensively VOTE disputed hanger on killed Collectively ANEW Dawn Unconscious Revolting.

Check Stop See Fear Prey Dread Too Milk Curd Wordy At the Due See ‘Tête-à-tête’ New Ilk Turd Nerdy GIRLS Hat Spat Free Great Eating like pretending arbitrator Spree Induction willing Soft worth DOPES Schemers Doubting Truth Balanced Spin waiting for the Fall before failing briefs presented thinly SEDITION Disguised Find Out Reprehensibly WROTE Rebooted Anger Gone Chilled Objectively THE FEW Spawn Obnoxious Be Molting.

‘Envisage’ White When Privilege Bright the Poor Still smashed under Foot Screws Tight Bite Turning Cheeks Chancing Gone the Stigma Come Loud Fraternally Ordered Policing THE COOL KIDS Reckoning Just Might Be Right Wrong As Well Closing Cooking Class Cast Presented Limply Arguments

ZEN Vintage Slight ‘Envisage’ Blight the more Swill Cached Thunder Put Shoes Night Light Burning Speaks Dancing on the RIG THE Some Cloud Infernally Bordered So Fleecing THE Wool Bids Beckoning Trust Slight See Spite Strong Jazz Tell Posing Looking Glass Past Lamented Simply Marvelous.

Mourning Autopsy performing quarterbacking ‘Tête-à-tête’ off the rails Scammer deflating Greater Goods feeling slips still on the Zig Zagging Lines Pony Butt riding not ever Don Next disseminating exasperating Being Facts Get in the way Call Whale IT Blows There while Lies Planted Stress by MAD Rumor Monger Innuendo SKIN THE FROWNS Abusive FAWN RUN Broken Herds Stampede.

Scorning ‘Necropsy’ reforming border cracking Bet the Get Scoff the nails hammer debating Waiter Hoods stealing Tips Kill gone the Rig Bragging Fine Dines Phony not hiding What Clever Context Manipulating Emancipated Freeing Acts Yet thin the Pay All Scale WIT SLOWS SCARE Style Spies Slanted Descry BAD Humor Hunger Spin Too Send So IN THE CLOWNS Conclusive DRAWN GUNS Spoken Words Damn Greed.

* Better Observing Distance Required  * Rupert   Likes To Rhyme   *   “That’s Entertainment.”    * Data Datta * * Money Money **  Slick and Wordy Subtext * Linking Layering on Thick  * BRAND WORTHY * A Work in Progress * * Free Expression?  ** Hysterically MANIPULATED  **  What FOOLISH IT is Is ** So  **  For Amusement Only.  **  Character Driven Madly ** So What Deceit Vulnerabilities  and Shown Causal Effective  ** Defective Persist  **  Life Goes On Anyway for Now.  *  L.T. Rhyme *  Too much FUN. * All the Same:    National Identifying Idiocy    Hip Stopping Wheeling Man    Rational Mystifying Illiteracy    Grip Copping Stealing Plan.