06 . 26 Mesmerize . 2020

Them There ‘Mesmerize’ not Never forgetting the Studious Under Stress SCRUTINIZE Tremor Regretting Lacking Money Fitness BUTT the what WHO merchandise through spawn phlegm share SPIT compromise Value Added SOLD DUE Sworn see US Strut the LOVE nether world lost sure letting GO on GOING nowhere Pending STINK anyhow they maximize pressure DIRTY dealing SILKY Wedged Leading OLD farts Dumbing Down Mean.

STEM WARE Codifies gut clever more betting ‘Lugubrious’ Blunder Mess Humanize Temper Abetting tracking funny business Rut the Glut Due publicize to Condemn Care SPLIT Realize Snafu Matted OLD SHOE Worn free US CUT Above TETHER Curled Cost POOR vetting SHOW pawn Crowing slow snare PENNING WINK many now say Scrutinize measure NERDY feeling GUILTY Edged Bleeding Cold Hearts Cunning Clown Scene.

Egg Cup the ‘Yokel’ it’s on you doing total takes a stretch denying the Greater Lie More Local News Gone Through Reviewing HELL and looking back Order stress chewing Cud chilled WHINE manipulating thought plugged in the Stealthy thin Notation Numbing Loony Tune Painting Pictures Retweeted. 

Leg Up the Vocal Wits spawn WHO brewing Global shakes the wretch defying the Waiter Spy for ‘Yokel’ views gone Grew Redoing Tell Brand Cooking Black Water Eschewing Blood Spilled FINE plan stipulating bought drugged spin THE Healthy Innovation Coming Puny Swoon Tainting Scriptures Repeated.

‘Lugubrious’ outlook devastating emphasize gloomy braving Storm Less Gloating Bite Kill Mauling the Calling Delusions What They Are Doubt the Sense the brain bleeding through skin transitional cerebration thought lacking this clarity.

Too Dubious Doubt COOK MASTER BAITING ‘Mesmerize’ PLUMY Waving Swarm Stress Voting Spite Swill Drawing Appalling Conclusions RUT Way Far Out Against the Grain Leading DUE In Nutritional Education Sought Tracking Disparity.

* Better Observing Distance Required  * Rupert   Likes To Rhyme   *   “That’s Entertainment.”    * Data Datta * * Money Money **  Slick and Wordy Subtext * Linking Layering on Thick  * BRAND WORTHY * A Work in Progress * * Free Expression?  ** Hysterically MANIPULATED  **  What FOOLISH IT is Is ** So  **  For Amusement Only.  **  Character Driven Madly ** So What Deceit Vulnerabilities  and Shown Causal Effective  ** Defective Persist  **  Life Goes On Anyway for Now.  *  L.T. Rhyme *  Too much FUN. * All the Same:   Why Not Pretend    Score Slight Catch    Lie What Defend    Poor White Patch.

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