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10 . 06 . Capacious . 2020

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Fugacious Stew Baiter Buyer Beware Hiding Lie the fallacious Racing ‘Parsimony’ Lying By cutting off Poor Circulating Healthcare pickled finger choosing fermented pain and Suffering Renting Hanger On To Some Higher Power Compounded Why the Rub slick funny Hoods Felt Bad Boys Appealing Youth All Blinded in Vanity.

‘Forebear’ the more share Strand mounting monumental concerning Conflicted Interested Ebbing Tide Apathetic Eliminated This For Nation Scam Rant technologically assimilating FED free oversight jerking off CIRCLING THE DRAIN Branded. 

Score Scare the ‘Forebear’ and counting coincidental Pun earning Convicted Splinter Tested Webbing Ride Copacetic disseminated Misinformation Rampant Psychologically Debilitating deadly Drover Spite Lurking cough Worshipping the STRAIN Stranded.

‘Parsimony’  Penny Pinching Tenacious scanty Social Skilling Tracking Bad Actor Awed SO Immune Spreading Viral Still Massing Tribal the ground ZERO Tao the Doubt Fit Biz Competency Stinking sure Disputable Scan Stall Fat Dunce Deceiving Drools the Butt Hacker chancing Booger thumbs Berries Odd other Crime.

Arse Be Stony faced many clinching ‘Capacious’ anti vocal chilling lacking character flawed SLOW Dim Loon dreading Spiral skill passing Viral Around HEAR SO HOW About IT IS Positively thinking more Delusional than All At Once Believing Fools the Nut Cracker Dancing Sugar Plumbs Fairies GOD Mother Time .

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