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10 . 12 . Indigenous . 2020

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‘Mythomania’ dying lying CON miscellanea faking measures taken for granted appointed views rejected by Many Dominions This Rewarded More Spinning Shake shacked metaphorical invective disaster brisk voted withdrawn. 

Pyromania crying vying YAWN ‘Mythomania’ breaking pressures shaken more slanted anointed choose respected why any opinions disregarded for winning sake tracked debt the Historical Perspective This Asterisk Noted Myth Spawn.

‘Plethora’ Rat Ripped ambitiousness conserving more confronted growth sure not abort shift inspirational gone dead Whine Getting Lacks Dedication Stressing Hypocrisy Little Unfounded.

Fedora Hat Tipped ‘Indigenous’ done serving store Affronted Both FOR What the Sport Grift educational on bread line Betting Hacks Meditation Guessing Democracy Middle Done Grounded.

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