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10 . 15 . Totis Viribus . 2020

 Totis Viribus’ straining reason Sport rhyming more the Catholic Touch Hypocrisy Earned why Feigning Squeezing Spin Moe Nation Bait Never Soporific Boy Toy faith based Money Lacking better True stall credit Not Knot quite For Cash Kicked Back Willin’ Hooked To See What Whenever Not Be Moved to tears By Rape Taught Spin in High School Latin Class Damn Hackers.

SCOTUS Leary Thus Training Treason Short Timing sure the Erratic Such Theocracy burned by Reigning Seizing Information Great Clever Scientific Coy Ploy wraith spaced funny tracking Letter Through Law edit what Hot White Score Ash Picked Hack ‘Kiln’ Cooked WHO Bee Nut Zen sever what behooved through years Spy Shape Caught thin Din Wry Fool Rat Spin Mass Graham Crackers.

‘Staid’ seducing shade relieved Back Paid Taxing Political pressures mark patterns meekly ignored manipulating thought Dead Branded Ratings War Defining Chorales Sung Doubt To Fly By Night Wordie Fun Feelings Felt

Played reducing ‘Staid’ believed Crack Made Maxing So Critical Measures dark caverns deeply explored plan stimulating caught red handed Shadings More Declining Morals Hung Out To Dry Wry Spite Dirty Done Dealings Dealt.

In the ‘Kiln’ old the Kill half baked Notice Fear See US reflected Some Cash In Choices Vary Proudly Doubting Clown Proposition Sources Myth Awed Laced Spies Everywhere Mangled Strung Doubt WHO Lie Many Say Noble Bearing.

Skin the chillin sold the thrill Laugh faked ‘Totis Viribus’ rejected Compassion Voices Carry Loudly shouting Down Opposition Forces with Bald Faced Lies Reverie Dare Dangled Hung Out To Dry Anyway Global Daring.

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