10 . 25 . Wherewithal . 2020

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‘Belittle’ Big Man tragically inept glee riddle dig plan rowdy rude Reckless Activity Presented Daily Campaigning FEAR.

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To Vent there stiff call ‘Emissary’ Pun opted the out near grand Foaming lagging caught Dumb Readers Shifting SANDS Opinions Weaves for Spin Grows Spoken Reason Snobbery Reckons the Fecund numbing Bookie Banker Banking.

Who went ‘Wherewithal’ whatever why adversary concocted the doubt Fear and Loathing Bragging Autumn Leaders drifting Strands dominions Leaves More Windows Open Season Robbery Beckons the Second Coming Look See Tanker Tanking.

* Better Observing Distance Required  * Rupert   Likes To Rhyme   *   “That’s Entertainment.”   **  Data Datta   **  Money Money  **  Quick&Dirty  *  Subtext Linking  **   BRAND WORDY * A Work in Progress  * * *  For Amusement Only. **  Character Driven  Madly **  Life Goes On Anyway for Now.  *  L.T. Rhyme  * Too much FUN. * All the Same:    Dangerous Liaison Spreading Viral       Public Safety Disrespect   Traitorous Marathon Threading Spiral     Rub Stick Lately Disconnect.

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