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10 . 30 . Gloaming . 2020

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‘Subjugate’ Predicate To Terminating Limits Who Obfuscate Yet Tabulate the Germ invading Mimics Misinformation Embattled Sold Doubt SCAMS.

Overstate Under rate True Worm Berating Gimmicks Due ‘Subjugate’ Net Allocate the Squirm Spin Hating grimace This Win for Nation STEM Rattled Rolled Out Damns,

‘Truculent’ Preaching Speaking Jesus Freaked Owning IT the fostered child through Change WHO Care perceive neglected cast aside for More Money Granted Spin To Blend Slow.

Subsequent Teaching Peeking Cheese Wiz leaked Gloaming’ Wit the offered wild Too Strange To SHARE Believe respected Past the Ride Sure Score Funny Slanted Innuendo.

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