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01 . 09 . Vex . 2020

Pastiche ‘Vex’ Nut Tuning ‘Whithersoever’ Forked Trumpeting Squeaky Sounds Metaphorically Revived Sequence Merely Ordered show Dogging Bites Bounding Plague Spreading Rapidly Linking Sure Breach Don Looming MAD Death Delayed by expressing numb More Thought Of Later On Wishing Choose the Plan Soul Music Hovered.

‘Baksheesh’ Checks Cut Crooning Hither So Clever Corked Dumped Getting Weekly Rounds Categorically denied Creedence Cleary Watered Flow Clogging Sights Sounding Vague Dreading Vapidly Drinking More Bleach Consuming BAD Breath Defrayed Why Sex guessing some For Bought Love Greater Gone Fishing Blues the Manhole Who Sick Covered.

‘Wanderlust’ driven half connected again MAD Winking NOD Yonder Must Slow STALL Going Underground Failing Interest Dung angled Spice Vacancy So Posed Grieving Effrontery Goon held back by incompetent workers Dragging Liar Ass Rude Mud Refuted HUNT Anew Targeted Market Eroded Where Thrill See Coming.

Squander Bust given Staff infected the When Bad Linking GOD ‘Wanderlust’ So ALL Knowing Plunder Found Jailing Witness Hung Dangled Vice Vagrancy Proposed Leaving the Country Soon quelled Track spy the nonevent lurkers Bragging Higher Class Chewed Cud Deluded STUNT the FEW Harvested Scarlet Decoded there Will BE Drumming.

Dither No Never ‘Baksheesh’ handed down Grumbling Begged Differ Specs Less Light the Snub Minimal invented Non Intense averages deciding confrontational Leaker Stalks inviting Why Knots Tied into little gifted Bows and Arrows Appointed Fingers Rules Old Pawn Vape First Edition Reorder.

‘Whithersoever’ Maxx Leash Branded Clown Mumbling Pegged Stiffer ‘Vex’ Despite the Rub Criminal Intended Consequence Practices Providing motivational speaker Talks inciting riots LIED Spin through Riddle Lifted Shows Planned Narrows Anointed Lingers Fools Gold On Tape Cursed Sedition Recorder.

* *  Better Observing Distance Required *
* Rupert   Likes To Rhyme  But Why *   “That’s Entertainment.”   * Data*Datta *Funny*Money  **  Quick&Dirty  * Subtext Linking Layering on Thick * BRAND WORDY **  As Work Still in Progress  ** Character Driven Madly  * *  For Amusement Only. **  Life Goes On Anyway for Now.  *  L.T. Rhyme  * Too much FUN. * All the Same:     All Over the   Again Clever Engaging        Pledging Besiege Dense Stalking Cops Flagging Times    Dull Drover the When Ever Then Staging     Wedging Beneath Sense Talking Stops Tagging Rhymes.