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Fleshy Peddle Puddle Doubt Ruefully Preying Nerds Plan Stipulating Doubt Numbs Magically Awsome Connecting Dots the Polls Weltanschauung Taxing Bad Actors Stealing Bubble Booty Plunder Foam the Fables Wilted Greens Demeans Leans In Futile Negotiating Tactics Stupid Is As Justifiably Homicide Anarchy Masking Fish Kill Oiling Ilk.

Heavy ‘Mettle’ Muddle Out Of Tunefully Playing Words Manipulating Outcomes Tragically Common Objecting Rots the Souls Swell Fun Cow Dung Maxing Mad Factors Dealing Double Duty Thunder Dome the Tables Tilted Scenes Machines Screens Spin Doodle Adulterating Fact Picks Fluid Biz Has Trust Deniably Amplified Mannerly Asking Dish Chill Spoiling Milk.

Hip So Psychology Tracking ‘Pusillanimous’ Cowardly Lion Studying Official Borders Psychotic ‘Cryptozoology’ Finding Solace Through Granting Wizard Wishes Brew Grew Swill Animus Acting Out Pain Pimple Burst Rude

‘Cryptozoology’ Hacking True Skill Magnanimous Towered Be Buy In Muddying Judicial Waters Neurotic Skip Slow Chronology Binding Lawless Shrew Planting Lizard Fishes Drew ‘Pusillanimous’ Facting Doubt Plane Simple Cursed Crude.

‘Mettle’ Rusted Worn Poverty Dealing Felt Con How Long Detected Feed Packed Pickled Pepper Stink Lightly Fun Polling Rat Class Hopper Gun Rumor Gloater Floater Sobriety Separating Church Free Stated Points Well Taken Disregarded Power Grabbing Ruling Class Schooled Fool Minding Dies Extinct.

Kettle Busted Calling Scorn Monarchy Feeling Weltanschauung Connected Greed Tracked Trickled Prepper Link Slightly Controlling Fat Ass Shoppers Consumer Boater Voter Society Obfuscating Lurch Berated Joints Swell Shaken This Be Started Tower Tabbing Fooling Mass Pulled Wool Blinding Eyes Text Linked.

* *   Better Observing Distance  Required  * Rupert   Likes To Rhyme  **  But Why *   “That’s Entertainment”   ** Data*DattaFunny*Money  ** Quick&Dirty  ** Subtext Linking Layering on Thick  ** BRAND WORDY **  As Work Still in Progress  **  Character Driven Mad  **  For Amusement Only. **  Life Goes On Anyway for Now.  *  L.T. Rhyme  * Too much Fun. * Anyway:    Talking Funny Annoying To Boots Racked      Educated Guessing Affirmatively So Acted   Stalking Money Deploying True Roots Hacked    Elevated Stressing Conservatively Protracted.