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For Blood In the Sand Which ‘Scion’ Sweetly Might Agonize over Wording Dares Orders Be Strange Blighter Stark Bland Snide Buy In Zen Bluffing Fight Bits Bytes Counting Flower Treasures Wall Disbursed Flowing Tax Spacing Obsidian Transparent Rules Testing WHO Flies in the Face Arse Match Peach Fuzz Closer Clean Shave.

More Mud Spin the Strand Pitch Zion Neatly Light ‘Ostracize’ Drover Birding Wares Borders Free Range Rider Park and Ride Tie In When Nothing Quite Fits Rights Mounting Power Measures Call This Cursed Showing Facts Facing Oblivion Apparent Fools Jesting True Lies Spin the Space Farce Catch Teach Buzz Poser Mean Knave.

Held Switch Baited Light ‘Vespertine’ Weaver Starkly Copping Stocked Striving Sources ‘Eldritch’ Cutting To the Chase Propaganda Varied  Lesser Skin in the Game Rush Doom Tapped Stiffed Vaping Because Tax In Effect. 

‘Eldritch’ Rated Spite Tester Spin Cleaver Sharply Chopping Blocked  Driving Forces Spelled Pitch Strutting through the Race to Pop the Panda Parried ‘Vespertine’ Spin the Blame Mushroom Capped Shift Shaping Free Buzz Max Spin Detect.

‘Ostracize’ Buy In Bake Off Baby Fat The Boring Strain Love Near Check Balance Slackers Strand Pleas Debated through Cough Grits Grand Cost Weighing Spawn Bigotry Entertaining More Denial Being Had and Bad Bot More Sad Master Baiting Whacking Off Joker.

Cost the Lies ‘Scion’ Take Scoff Maybe Datta Pouring Reign Of Fear Tech  Challenge Trackers and Sleaze Related To Profits and Lost Preying on Dignity Center Straining For Survival seeing Mad Brand Fad Rot For Bad Faster Stating Hacking Cough Smoker.

* *   Better Observing Distance  Required  * Rupert   Likes To Rhyme  **  But Why *   “That’s Entertainment”   ** Data*DattaFunny*Money  ** Quick&Dirty  ** Subtext Linking Layering on Thick  ** BRAND WORDY **  As Work Still in Progress  **  Character Driven Mad  **  For Amusement Only. **  Life Goes On Anyway for Now.  *  L.T. Rhyme  * Too much Fun. * Anyway:       Damning Bewails Insurmountable Odds       Racings Cars Running Games and Things     Scamming Details Spin Stir Roundtable Gods   Casing Stars Stunning Shames Brand Brings