Doggerel Multiversing 19 The Turning Point

Once the Die is Cast — All Aspersions Last CLIMATE CHANGEShoot with a CameraFight with a Pen — Whatever when the Who Bit How Hog wash and Where why the Zen the lack of Focus churning into butter and eaten lacking rind.

Not never then the Do IT Tao mosh Brand share Spy the Pen the slack Love Stroke US Burning Thin who utter stand beaten backing mind.

Of course we know something the nerdy happened see the Splintered webbing fractured squeaky.

Love source we show dumb bring the dirty rap spend be the wintered ebbing captured tweaky.

Waiting for Death Delivered by One Iron Fist or Another like the stomping clown or the Crazy Racist Nazi emboldened from above the top down trickled down.

On the other hand 2+2:  IT seems as though skullduggerous the Ratfink Masses Heady Lightning manipulators working on condition of being underpaid for the Unethical Treatment of Customers.

Thanks for the information Bob.

So many hypocrites, liars and thieves like the Arrogant Donald performing for Conflicted Interests and greed.

Nothing ever goes away, does IT, the pointed viewing.

The hazards of free speech, No? OR is IT Poe? Fractured fiction…

The light becomes brightest before IT simply burns out — and then the clip was removed.

An Authoritarian Precedent that believes protesting against Nazis and Racism is not acceptable and torture is and winning is everything. Go figure. Peace.

— Eat them All. —   As Always a Work in Progress for absurdly enough ludicrous satirical conflicts of contemporary Daily Farce like a Trickling Down Golden Shower  leaking for Oddly Enough Entertainment Purposes Only Multi Versing Originally Concocted  by Ken  REFRESH   

Disparity in View Anyway Still Too much Fun

Independently   Linked , with the obvious dubious disappearing  layers like the Ice Flows Melting:    NPR and TED; The BBC;  B’More the Less.

Pulling no punches nor strings with so many Robots calling doggedly the ironic and humorous in harmonistic flatulation If Butt Knot for the Oliver’s Twist,

Nearly Daily Doubled Down for Effective.

 Though the vulnerabilities to fraud, abuse, plagiarism and other skullduggery  are all too obvious  when so many are dealing in conflicted Interest the Deal Artfully Deceptive though Multiversing the Cached 22.5 in Fact on Track.  —  Are you Trumped? –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy   -–>> L.T.Rhyme


Aspersions done casting ‘Iconoclastic’ the live and let live rolled backing tolerance group hailed from the Bubble Bossing though ulterior conversions fun lasting by the Don the sarcastic forgive the wet shiv poking while the sonorous poop veiled smelly sold by date the Reverential Competitive Masked Anglo Narcissistic Factions.

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Mind bucking the ‘Sapiosexual’ context Prevented By Asymmetrical Global Positioning the moreso the idiocy beginning redrawing hidden fee lines And Then the Obtuse Angled partitioning of Democracy demoralized by the spoils restaging for ward the Corporate Stated.

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Does What Matter the Nothing when variable the ‘Palindrome’ the variable when nothing the matter what does…..and neither is that logistically so so Yoda or not…..Like a literalist pussy pimple. Keep it simple for what.

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the Worked Shill Saw What Bellowing stone granger reconsidered  


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Doggerel Multiversing Abundance

   Once the Die is CastAll Aspersions LastCLIMATE CHANGEShoot with a CameraFight with a PenWhat da

Thrumpfs IRS harassing senior citizens by telephone. Go figure. What an I(%95 Asshole.

Of course it’s the Precedent No Accountability.

The fact that he finds most Americans as the Enemy –Why would this be a problem?

On the other hand IT seems as though the psychotic cell phone addicted coastal worker discriminates Against OLD WHITE MEN AND WHITE POODLES.  Go figure. Can we sue the HOSTILE OFFICE FOR OBVIOUS DISCRIMINATION BY AN EMPLOYEE. We gots witnesses photographs and delivery documentation.  Trump sues everybody don’ts he? The Twilight Zone Revisited. It’s MAD. The Voodoo dialed. As always the likely metaphor the Precedent revisited.

— Eat them All. —   As Always a Work in Progress for absurdly enough ludicrous satirical conflicts of contemporary Daily Farce like a Trickling Down Golden Shower  leaking for Oddly Enough Entertainment Purposes Only Multi Versing Originally Concocted  by Ken  REFRESH   

Disparity in View Anyway Still Too much Fun 

Independently   Linked , with the obvious dubious disappearing  layers like the Ice Flows Melting:    NPR and TED; The BBC;  B’More the Less.

Pulling no punches nor strings with so many Robots calling doggedly the ironic and humorous in harmonistic flatulation If Butt Knot for the Oliver’s Twist,

Nearly Daily Doubled Down for Effective.

 Though the vulnerabilities to fraud, abuse, plagiarism and other skullduggery  are all too obvious  when so many are dealing in conflicted Interest the Deal Artfully Deceptive though Multiversing the Cached .5 in Fact on Track.  —  Are you Trumped? –  watermark_mayopia_mini copy   -–>> L.T.Rhyme


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