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01 . 04 . BLOGCHI Intro . 2020 . 19 Approach

Just  A  Reminder:
Trumperica Cursed:
the Land of the Fee;
Home of the Knave.

Len the Plumber? Eh.   Simply questioning possible predatory business practices while still awaiting promised partial refund. Hey I’m elderly and Stupid and there are those that take advantage of that.  Past Experiences with other Baltimore Businesses has made this one wary and weary and the nature of the generally in the PAST ROOFIE Experiences and Blather Rather Neighborly Agendas.  In Pain, Insane and No Money Too Boots who shoots first?  Petty Dealings.

Who’s Hunting For Kickbacks Now.
Grateful To Be Living Indoors!

DIS ENGAGED IN THE BADDER BATTLE WHILE FIGHTING  —   CLIMATE CHANGE  —  Shoot with a Camera  —  FIGHT WITH A PEN   —  Who Said Whatever   —  Finding TRUTH and MEANING   —  WHERE Otherwise There is NONE ONE Way When Clever.

Parking Privilege Earned?

“Stupid Is As Stupid Does.”
We keep Dudu Doing Anyway.

person woman man camera tv


A Work in Progress For Entertainment Purposes.  Multi Versing Originally Concocted by Ken as an Ambiguous Character STUDY OF THE DRIVEN MAD

Made in the USA.


 TOO Much FUNYa Sure UBetcha.
ONE Baltimore on this later to another.


Vulnerabilities to Fraud, Abuse, Plagiarism, Pun Hacking Baited switched and missing Links stitched are all too obviously Common; the Deal Artfully Deceptive With Multiversing Frequented Frequently Echoed cut pasted confusing the issued Presidential Proclamation Tweeted.  Yet Still Life goes on anyway, for now -–  watermark_mayopia_mini copy   -–>> L.T.Rhyme

01 . 03 . Apologia . 2020

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However One Might ‘Interpolate’ Ever What’s Not Quite True Intoxicated Right By Shown Telling Slight Class Sounding Scene Leaning Back Handed Very Trying Win through Duplicate Lies Redundantly Repeated Hooks that Bind Hood Booking Gigs Combining Chivalrous Dominions dominated by shill Idiocy entertaining Raging Acts

Wow Clever Pun Bite Spin Obfuscate Never Nuts Knot Spite Through Prefabricated Fight Why Known Selling Tight Ass Grounding Green Screening Hack Branded Merry Spying Spin To ‘Interpolate’ Spies abundantly Defeated Books that find Good looking Digs dumb whining Frivolous Opinions Nominated Why swill Hideously Center Straining Staging Facts.

Appalled So See Ya APP ‘Frazil’ For That fragmented harking How You Spin Kind neglectfully Cold Hearted Plays Leaning Kills Love Hoods Be Stealing Never Aids abetting for Sicker Plan Order Killed Strumpfing Chaos Score Witty Fool Demeaning Then Mangled Fee more Ethically Computed.

‘Apologia’ Appraisal More AT Augmented Parking Value in Mind Regretfully Sold Ways Parted Meaning Bills of Goods Revealing Clever Raids Blood Letting more Thicker than Water Spilled Drumpfing Pathos Poor Pitifully Seen String Entangled Theoretically Refuted.

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