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01 . 11 . Aoristic . 2021

‘Aoristic’ Lowly gathering Praise Exegesis some Rot Opportunistic consuming Interest On the Table Dealing Silly Steady Clocking Block Malarkey Pardoning Obstruction Out of the Ordinary In questions yet to be answered taken Rub Scrub Dub Minimally Intended By the Foxed Grin Smirking Joker Reeling In the Years Screaming.

Stay For Mystic Slowly Blathering Blaze Vex ‘Mimesis’ numb knot Euphemistic Pun Fuming Witness Spawn the Fable Feeling Will Be Ready Rocking Doc the Starkly Hardening Construction Doubt Love the Mortuary Spin Sessions Bet who see Plans stirred shaken Hub Grub subliminally spin mended Die the Boxed In Lurking Broker Stealing Spin the Fears Dreaming.

Gender Masking ‘Bamboozle’ some in the ‘Splendor’ Gassing Thug Lights Damn Refusal Comes the Enemy Stated Be Falsified Facts Strike the Treason Seeing Amending Charges Inciting Disinformation Spreading Rumor Disruption Abounds Defeated Forcing Compromised Why For Survival in Due Race Horses Course Load.   

‘Splendor Asking Sham Crucial Dumb Spin the Mentor Massing Bug Bites ‘Bamboozle’ Numbs the Credibly Baited Emulsified Acts Like the Reason Being Defending Largesse Inviting this Spin Score Nation Threading Humor Corruption the Sounds Depleted Sourcing Some Surprised By More Denial Spin Through Space Sources Force Code.

‘Mimesis’ Vex Mended Butt Scoff Hum Phonology Nuts Slap Stick Voyeuristic Map Zen Dance FED Relieving Drab Formalities Screeching Bee Halting Scars Screech the Sound So Much Coming To a Fault Mass Graded Pandemically Oppressed Lacking Prevention Blabbers Awareness Soiling Rover Vocal Yet Lurking Better Solutions Pontificating Madness.

Prosthesis Extended Cut Off from Reality what’s Haptic ‘Aoristic’ Happenstance said believing Abnormalities Teaching See Faulting Stars Reach Around No Such Plumbing through Assault Castrated When Chemically Suppressed Tracking Attention Grabbers Beware Stress Boiling Over Social Networking Fetter Delusions Proliferating Sadness.

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