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01 . 19 . Mammonism . 2021

TRUE THE Taxed Free ‘Mammonism’ Religiously Biased Spin Sucked Faithfully Carried ON prodigiously Driest the Day the Lout Dope So Stressing True Less Vape Inhaled Confusion Pun be fitting as WARTS ARE measures of insanity where Demented has cracks THE his WAS shell broken BY Call the Leak Squirting Happiness JAZZ FIZZ DOES the Warm Gun Concealing Mental Lasting Illness the Zen.

TO THE Maxed Be Masochism Conspicuously Highest ‘Induct’ Fatally parried PAWN Litigiously Pious the Way About Hope Progressing Through Escape thin veiled Delusion Unremitting Jazz SPORTS CAR Treasures Love in Vanity There Presented as Facts the Biz BUZZ Swell Spoken SPY Dull the Geek Blurting Sappy Stress AS HIS WAS the Swarm Pun Revealing Central Casting Still Guess Again.

Damn art be the Sad Fall Brand Switch gone Spy for ‘Conjecture’ Clock ticking driving ‘Hamartia’ Bad Law PROTECT SURE planned DICKED pitch To Be or knot Tied Tethered Not So Tightly Wrapped Dilly Dally Howdy Doody Timing Culls that Cult

‘Hamartia’ Mad Dull Sandwich On Wry more Fun Texture Stock Picking Striving Scam Start See Ya Rad Cull ‘Conjecture’ Scanned PICKED Stitch WHO Fee for Rot Lied Butt Slow Nightly Slapped Silly Sally Rowdy Rudy Climbing Walls At Fault.

SCAM ON SCHISM Trumping Cards Played Last Score for Stress ‘Induct’ Decked the Halls in From the Cold Jews Lifted Assisted Acts Crony Confections Tasted Feed Brand Face Stress Fights Unravelling Why Fail Without Pother the Better the Options Detailing Silly Boys Style Druthers Swill Be Ploys SEX TOAD Toys Drooling TOO MUCH Not Thinking Stupid.

‘Mammonism’ Humping Bards Paid Past more or Less Skin Tucked checked the Calls SPIN DUMB THE Old Blues Gifted the Listed Facts Only Connections Wasted Need and Space less Flights Fun Travelling by Rail Myth Doubt Bother the fetter Adoptions Bewailing Chilly Joys While Others Still See Noise VEX ODE Joys Fooling WHO Such BUTT STINKING Putrid.

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