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01 . 25 . BLOGCHI Intro . 2021 . 09 Taming Power of the Small . 43 Break Through(Resoluteness)

Just  A  Reminder:
Sedition Pot Pie
Anarchy Is Not an Option
Sure is Good Soup.

DIS ENGAGED IN THE BADDER BATTLE WHILE FIGHTING  —   CLIMATE CHANGE  —  Shoot with a Camera  —  FIGHT WITH A PEN   —  Who Said Whatever   —  Finding TRUTH and MEANING   —  WHERE Otherwise There is NONE ONE Way How Why Not When Clever.

Parking Privilege Earned?

“Stupid Is As Stupid Does.”
We keep Dudu Doing Anyway.

person woman man camera tv


A Work in Progress For Entertainment Purposes.  Multi Versing Originally Concocted by Ken as an Ambiguous

Made in the USA.


 TOO Much FUNYa Sure UBetcha.
ONE Baltimore on this later to another.

Vulnerabilities to Fraud, Abuse, Plagiarism, Pun Hacking Baited switched and missing Links stitched are all too obviously Common; the Deal Artfully Deceptive With Multiversing Frequented Frequently Echoed cut pasted confusing; Still Life goes on anyway, for now -–  watermark_mayopia_mini copy   -–>> L.T.Rhyme

01 . 24 . Blatherskite . 2021

‘Blatherskite’ Abundant Speaking in Tongues Redundant Neither Cognizant Stuffy Here Nor there the no point near to being TENSE crystalized evading consequences with Less meaning apparently Corrupt with holding many rigorous levels skin the bewailing Acts of Godly the indifference Aberrant Wrappings Assailing Shoes Earned.

Rather SPITE Repugnant Leaking Spin Wrongs Incumbent either ‘Flocculent’ fluffy Seer Four Square the so Joint FEAR WHO seeing SENSE Simplified Persuading Pawn Defenses Stiff Guess Leaning Inherently Abrupt myth scolding any vigorous devils in the detailing Facts Love Oddly the inference Apparent Trappings Bewailing Screws Turned.

‘Prognosticate’ Spin Fluence rather bland for Multiversing Stiff the Brainy wedge ‘Insouciance’  dogging Cats stir swarming Greets lacking sure adulterate any Presence activities well rested not though Documented Surely Why Thin Riders Written Baiting Scored Names

Obfuscate ‘Insouciance’  gather Brand More Salty Cursing with a Grainy Edge Effluence clogging Rats Performing Fetes hacking sure ‘Prognosticate’ many essence Proclivities swell tested ROT So Stock Augmented Poorly by Insiders Bitten Trading Bored Games.

‘Flocculent’ because the CUT Above THE Geese Feathers Mooning For What Matter Slight unseen lately Jazz the Din Died Tarnished Age Fade Truth A Lie until the Cows Come home hiding from Stating Gone the skinner Tool Rehiring Fetter Lout Numbs Bad through the Boning Split Thin.

Occupant He Was the BUTT the Of the Grease Weathers Spooning or not ‘Blatherskite’ Done Mean Greatly As a Skin Side Garnished Wage Paid Youth the Why done still Avows some Gnome riding numb waiting on the Dinner Drool Desiring Better Outcomes Mad Do the Phoning IT in.

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