04 . 12 . BLOGCHI INTRO . 2021 . 33 Retreat . 31 influence (Wooing)

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THIS ENGAGED Eh? IN THE BADDER BATTLE WHILE FIGHTING  —   CLIMATE CHANGE  —  Shoot with a Camera  —  FIGHT WITH A PEN   —  Who Said Whatever   —  Finding TRUTH and Meaning   —  WHERE Otherwise There is NONE ONE Way How Why Not When Clever.
Teach the Phone  Worker  Phonetics Please

Bad DecisionsParking Privilege Earned?

“Stupid Is As Stupid Does.”
We keep Dudu Doing Anyway.
While Losing One’s Mind Youse.


Coming To Some Illogical Conclusion
In This Still Optical Confusion
The Choice is Clear Participation In Kind Why Say So What
Humming through Dumb Analogical Delusion
Skin this Swill Audible Illusion
The Voice this Hear Fornication Spin Mind Eye Aye Yo Butt

Happy Birthdays
Fell off the front steps and curb hit face on STREET heckled by young DIVERSE CONTRACTOR.
shoulder and ribs damaged.  AM I DEAD YET?

A Work in Progress For Entertainment Purposes.  Multi Versing Originally Concocted by Ken as an Ambiguous

Made in the USA.


 TOO Much FUN — Ya Sure UBetcha.
ONE Baltimore On This later to another.

Vulnerabilities to Fraud, Abuse, Plagiarism, Pun Hacking Baited switched and missing Links stitched are all too obviously Common; the Deal Artfully Deceptive With Multiversing Frequented Frequently Echoed cut pasted confusing; Still Life goes on anyway, for now -–  watermark_mayopia_mini copy   -–>> L.T.Rhyme

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